Zapewnienie wsparcia małym przedsiębiorstwom

Capgemini pomaga lokalnym firmom przezwyciężyć COVID-19

Operating a small business is an ambitious endeavor. It takes bravery to build your own future, and this bravery is what brings innovation and growth to our communities.

That’s why it’s important to keep these businesses afloat. During the pandemic, however, small business owners are finding it difficult to do just that. Yet, they are adapting and finding new ways to operate during the crisis. With support, they can come back even stronger than before.

Capgemini recognizes how critical it is to protect small businesses and is making the most of its talent to offer pro-bono support during the pandemic. We spoke with three colleagues about the work they’re doing to help local businesses adapt during this time; Tom Abraham with The Innovator’s Response, Richard Lyons and Adam Grohs with KeepSmallStrong, and Hans Haugli with City for City.

The Innovator’s Response


City for City

A new chapter for small business

Działania takie jak te stwarzają okazję do zmian w lokalnych przedsiębiorstwach na całym świecie, dając małym firmom większe szanse na sukces teraz i w przyszłości.