SAP Implementation Strengthens Financial Management in Government for Norway

Capgemini helps transform a government agency into a modern and efficient supplier for public sector customers.

“ We appreciated Capgemini’s collaborative way of working and the skills and competencies they provided for this project. ”Rolf Christiansen, Deputy Director General, SS

The Situation

As more and more governments across the world seek to adapt systems and processes in order to modernize delivery of services, many are turning to Capgemini for strategic, technical and practical support. The Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management (SSØ) is no exception. The Agency sought to modernize its IT systems to provide more efficient services to the management and end-users but didn’t have the internal resources and capabilities to implement a new solution.

The Solution

Capgemini was chosen to implement technical solutions that would enable SSØ to provide all HR and payroll services to the government sector. The project was named OPAL and the solutions were based fully on an SAP platform, for which Capgemini had demonstrated convincing implementation skills and knowledge base. Capgemini also won the license fees to continue the program implementation for SSØ.

The Result

From being an outdated government agency with paper-bound financial management practices and practically no SAP competencies, Capgemini helped transform SSØ into a modern and attractive supplier for government sector customers. SSØ currently delivers efficient HR and payroll services to 250 government customers with more than 65,000 employees and 70,000 temporary workers.