Navantia revamps its plant management systems

The Situation

Navantia is the publically-owned company which came into being in 2005 as the heir to long years of experience in military shipbuilding for Spain’s historic military arsenals over centuries. Its main activity is based on building and maintaining military vessels and is carried out at the Bahía de Cádiz, Ferrol and Cartagena shipyards. This Group’s industrial network also includes the design and manufacture of control and combat systems, transfer of technology, the repair and overhaul of military and civil vessels, support for the life cycle of their vessels and systems, as well as diesel engine and turbine manufacture.

The systems plan developed by Navantia has entailed, among other actions, implementing SAP at the Engines and FABA plants located respectively in Cartagena and San Fernando. The first high and medium-speed engine plan for sea and land applications, whilst the FABA production unit is a center of excellence devoted to the integration of complex high-tech systems possessing great experience in defining, developing, producing and integrating combat systems for use in any type of ship.

To improve and update the Engine and FABA plants, the Company decided to get a strategic technology revamping project under way based on the implementation of the SAP tool. The scope of this project encompasses a number of business processes: engineering, sales and distribution, project management, production planning, product costing, plant maintenance, customer service and quality management. Similarly, it included the integration with the purchasing and warehousing areas, which were, in turn, came under a project for implementing SAP throughout the Navantia Group, which was also carried out by Capgemini.


The Solution

The Capgemini team designed an innovative solution setting itself apart from all others which had all the makings to become a reference point nationwide and internationally. The SAP implementation integrated the Company’s production chain from the design and engineering up to maintenance with a high degree of integration among areas.

The Result

On March 1, 2010, the new management system was set into operation at the Engine and FABA plants in conjunction with the integration with the Company’s unified purchasing system.

In addition to being a major technological innovation, this new system has provided for a major increase in functionalities in comparison to the prior starting situation, adapting to the industrial and management-related evolution which the plant units have undergone over the past few years. For example, processes such as planning, sales, document management and product configuration which were previously being managed by way of obsolete applications, with a high degree of manual work and a low degree of integration among them have now been incorporated.

Also worthy of special note is the high degree of internal integration of the system data, not only among the different SAP modules but also with other modules which had already been functioning, such as human resources and finances.

This project, within the framework of the Navantia systems plan, has meant definitively shutting down the prior applications (PPT in the Engine production plant, CIMA in the FABA plant), which had been in operation for over twenty years, plus a considerable number of small applications.


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