Our quest as value makers and turning points on the way

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World Quality Report presents a perfect opportunity to bring together our community of subject matter experts, solution teams, delivery organizations, clients, and partners.

Work anniversaries are special, at times on a par with personal milestones. As I reflect on my three years with Sogeti and Capgemini Group, several events come to mind. These events serve as turning points in the organizational relationships that bring opportunities to strengthen the bond with the organization and shape how we approach the mission in a unified way. One such event I always look forward to is the launch of the World Quality Report. This report is a culmination of months of research, and years of cumulative experiences and insights from the clients we work with. It comprehensively covers the trends in the quality assurance and testing space.

The World Quality Report may not be as sensational as the league tables our analyst colleagues put up, but it serves as the voice of practitioners in the domain. This year, we see some remarkable confirmations of our thought process, supported by data. It’s interesting to see how the hypes and trends become realities, and my practitioner colleagues would support the view that it takes amazing effort to help shape those. For instance, Customer Experience as a theme has been one of the prime goals of all investments, and this year, we see it as being rated as one of the top priorities for QA & Test organizations.

Another dwelling points is the subtle variations between the sectors, but largely it’s all heading in the same direction. And the reason perhaps is that the new technologies are fast shaping the way we can solve problems. The relative importance of various organizational objectives has more or less remained consistent over time but three findings that really standout from this year’s report are:

  1. End-user satisfaction has once again become the top goal
  2. Contributing to business outcomes and growth is priority
  3. Quality awareness is increasing among all disciplines.

Lift the lid on each of these and we can sense the urgency of QA transformation leveraging technology. Many of the clients we work with express this need for transformation in their testing strategy, aiming to make it a continuous quality improvement regime.

Another interesting fact uncovered this year was cloud transformation. For the first time, we see the cloud being listed as one of the top objectives when we talk QA and testing. We don’t need to emphasize the importance of the cloud in an organization’s IT strategy, but for a practitioner responsible for QA & test, recognizing that the cloud brings a big difference to the way we test or change testing to accommodate evolving models is quite remarkable. Personally, I think this recognition comes a bit late, but as always, it takes some time to move from hypes, to trends, to industrialized adoption. And, the cloud does offer a solution for the lack of test environments or their timely availability.

Overall, I think the World Quality Report has once again met with enthusiastic reception. It presents a perfect opportunity to bring together our community of subject matter experts, solution teams, delivery organizations, clients, and partners.

As the hype cycles become shorter, technology matures faster, the ecosystems are facing shortage of relevant skills like never before. And our mission is clear, creating value for our clients, making the best from the technologies available and building a high-performance team. That’s where I believe the magic is – it’s in the making.

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