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Capgemini takes part in this international event dedicated to solutions for the planet.

Capgemini is a partner of ChangeNOW 2023, the European summit that highlights concrete and innovative solutions to the challenges of sustainable development.

The ambition of ChangeNOW is to bring together the most innovative solutions and the most influential stakeholders who are tackling our planet’s biggest challenges, to act together.

Participating in ChangeNOW means to:

  • UNDERSTAND the challenges of the ecological transition
  • DISCOVER over 1,000 positive impact innovations
  • INSPIRE with insights from internationally renowned opinion leaders and decision-makers
  • EXCHANGE with various experts on your transition challenges

Enjoy our presentations

Tech For Good

Eiffel Stage: 3:15–4:30pm

In this session, business leaders committed to sustainable and responsible technology will discuss how technology is a key lever for addressing environmental challenges.

We will explore how technology can benefit everyone and how working in ecosystems ensures the authenticity of technology. It is also important to take a step back and consider the organizations that are assisting and advising in the development of these technologies, to ensure that they are addressing the right challenge and making a positive impact.

How can organizations use their international role to highlight startups and help them grow? Finally, we will look at the role of funding and investment in supporting sustainable and responsible technology.


A world in balance

We explore companies’ progress toward sustainability and look at how it can be accelerated.

Meet our experts

Florent Andrillon

Group Climate Tech leader
Florent leads clean tech business development with all sustainability teams across the Group. He has more than 20 years of experience in the energy and utilities sector, helping clients to achieve their sustainability goals and transition to a low-carbon economy. He has a strong focus on the energy, resources, and clean tech market, as well as on sustainability, climate, and energy transition issues. He leverages Capgemini’s capabilities and its external partners to deliver innovative and impactful solutions.

Clément Chenut

Circular Economy Services Leader
Part of Capgemini’s Sustainability Accelerator, set up to increase awareness of sustainability issues and develop practical solutions for clients, my focus is to promote and accelerate the adoption of circular economy business models. With Capgemini colleagues, we’ve developed a suite of CE services from strategy to digital/engineering solutions. These services guide clients from a linear economy that can destroy value, to a circular economy that preserves value – by minimizing the use of raw materials and resources, and reducing the production of waste. I’ve also led digital transformation programs, mainly in banking and transport, and was part of the Capgemini’s 5G Lab team, set up to help clients strategize, build and monetize the advantages of 5G.

Stéphane Lefranc

Director – Sustainability Business Services Managing

Juliette de Maupeou

Expert – Strategy and Transformation