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Capgemini’s market-leading finance solutions drives F&A excellence

13 Jun 2022

Capgemini’s AI-enabled Frictionless Finance solution drives intelligent, digital transformation of its clients’ finance and accounting operations. It has also been recently recognized by Avasant for its continuous excellence in F&A services for the second year running.

In an ever-changing marketplace, providing F&A excellence is critical. The new normal has caused many market leaders to re-evaluate their finance and accounting (F&A) business processes. This is clearly illustrated in the new preference for multitower F&A deals, more industry-focused outsourcing, and more organizations focusing on blockchain as data security and integrity become more important across the market.

In addition, joint solutions with key partners are now driving an increased number of transformations in the F&A space, while a key focus on investing in and developing AI-enabled offers in this space continues to grow. The good news is all of this will ensure businesses can weather the next market disruption more effectively than the last.

Keeping all these factors in mind can be challenging for any organization. What they need is a partner that can help implement the changes they need to achieve true F&A excellence.

Capgemini’s F&A excellence keeps turning heads

Here’s where Capgemini comes in. The Group recently announced that it has been recognized as a Leader in Avasant’s F&A Business Process Transformation 2021–2022 RadarView™ report for its continuous excellence in F&A services, for the second time in a row.

The report lauded Capgemini’s AI-driven Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM) transformation platform that helps benchmark and re-imagine an organization’s finance function, as well as its in-house solutions that deploy intelligent automation at scale, such as Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform (CIAP).

Its robust partner ecosystem across the entire F&A value chain and its continuous investments to provide end-to-end, tech-backed solutions to clients were also highlighted as key strengths.

Capgemini is obviously delighted to be recognized as a leader once again by Avasant. It further underlines our focus on providing innovative and intelligent technology-led solutions and F&A excellence to our clients that help them move towards – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.

To read the Avasant report – fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Overcome F&A challenges with zero friction

Our Frictionless Finance  solution delivers AI-augmented, intelligent F&A operations to help your finance function drive enhanced business outcomes such as:

  • Up to 25% improvement in forecast accuracy
  • Up to 25% sales growth in digital revenue streams
  • Up to 40% improvement in days sales outstanding.

Capgemini’s Frictionless Finance solution helps your organization implement a comprehensive intelligent ecosystem that addresses all of your pain points and challenges in pursuit of F&A excellence. All of this helps you futureproof your finance operations quickly and easily, taking your organization one step closer to – what we call – the Frictionless Enterprise.

Learn more about how Capgemini’s Frictionless Finance can transform your finance function to drive tangible, frictionless outcomes, enhanced efficiency, and top-line growth.

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