Re-invent customer relationships with TRIVEO

Capgemini’s TRIVEO© is a unique tool and approach that enables banks to develop long lasting customer relationships, and significantly improve sales performance with enhanced advisor efficiency.

Capturing Customer Loyalty in an Increasingly Digital World

In today’s digital world, customer relationships have deteriorated due to lack of trust, poor customer knowledge and a need for transparency. Customers envision their preferred bank to provide relationship-driven proactive actionable insights as compared to standard transactional services. But with many banks focusing on short terms goals, they often overlook gaining a holistic view of their customers’ goals and circumstances. Thus missing out on opportunities to build long term relationships.

Banks must focus on understanding the customer situation right at the beginning of the relationship and then jointly define the sales process around their customers’ goals and needs. Banks can then benefit from life stage servicing of loyal customers, opening opportunities towards greater wallet share.

A cutting edge customer relationship tool

TRIVEO© for Banks is a unique tool and approach that enables bank employees / advisors develop long- term client relationships and significantly improve sales. TRIVEO© enables advisors to gain customer insights right from the first meeting and build the subsequent interactions intelligently, creating opportunities to right-sell and cross-sell.

Enabling advisors to build profitable customer relationships

TRIVEO© helps bankers become active partners with customers and work together to:

  • Create comprehensive and shared vision of the customer’s financial situation
  • Identify areas of potential
  • Define ways to develop and protect the customer’s wealth

With TRIVEO© the advisor can create customer intimacy and a high level of customer engagement and trust while assessing potential opportunities across the full product range.

TRIVEO© also gives managers and their sales teams more accurate information and indicators from digitized client interviews that improve the predictability of sales.

Additionally, TRIVEO© provides greater flexibility and improves advisor efficiency as it can run on any device, locally with the advisor and the customer side by side, remotely with the customer at home, and by the customer alone on the internet.

Proven and Tested Solution

TRIVEO has been implemented with multiple banking clients and currently being leveraged by more than 10,000 advisors by a large French bank. Some of the client benefits delivered by TRIVEO are:

  • 30% increase in value-added sales vs. transactional sales: more proposals are immediately converted
  • 170% increase in proposal conversion efficiency from meetings
  • 3 points increase in Net Promoted Score
  • 210% increase in proposals per interview

TRIVEO is backed by our knowledge built from over 20 years of banking advisory and technology experience and currently serve 8 of the top 15 global banks.

Capgemini is a proven banking system integrator having delivered more than 1,000 projects in the banking industry.

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