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Sharing the load

Securing the future of commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicle (CV) manufacturers face huge, interconnected, and potentially exciting challenges.

Some of the biggest relate to achieving sustainability, to satisfy the companies’ own aspirations as well as increasing stakeholder expectations. But CV OEMs must overcome the difficulties of decarbonization without sacrificing operational efficiency. They also need to find ways to offset the increased costs (for both themselves and their customers) that will initially be associated with new powertrains.

The answer lies in accelerating progress in other areas: progress toward leaner, smarter production, connected services, autonomous driving, and data mastery . But such acceleration requires ecosystem thinking and strategic alliances, as well as a clear vision of the big picture.

Our new Point of View “Sharing the Load – the importance of building partnerships in securing the future in commercial vehicles” describes how CV OEMs can lead the way for the rest of the automotive industry by collaborating with each other, and with expert partners, to innovate more effectively and balance competing goals. As they do so, we explain how they can leverage CV sector advantages such as engineering excellence, smaller scale, and close-knit community.

Please also see our infographic, which summarizes the opportunity for the CV sector to take on a new role in the global supply chain by coming together as a connected, digital ecosystem – and the benefits of doing so.