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Delivering Organizational Impacts Based on EU Resiliency Regulations

Understanding the path to operational resiliency and compliance with current EU legislation with Capgemini and Red Hat

In an era where digital operations are the backbone of the financial services sector, the European Union introduces the digital operational resilience act (DORA) – a groundbreaking framework designed to revolutionize how financial institutions manage third-party risk, particularly with technology service providers (TSPs) and cloud service providers (CSPs).

Why DORA matters for your business:

  • Enhanced operational resilience: DORA empowers EU-based financial organizations to mitigate risks associated with the increasing dependency on ICT systems and third-party services for critical operations.
  • Mandatory risk management provisions: Financial entities are required to have a solid plan for portability and the ability to exit relationships with CSPs, ensuring seamless data and workload transfers to alternative providers if needed.
  • Robust security and recovery measures: With DORA, your organization will be equipped to respond, recover, learn, and adapt from security threats or unexpected provider downtimes, enhancing technological operational integrity.
  • Increased cloud sovereignty: This legislation encourages a reduction in overreliance on foreign CSPs, promoting a diverse and secure cloud service provider strategy.

Leveraging a partnership between Capgemini and Red Hat, we introduce a streamlined containerization service methodology to navigate global organizations through DORA compliance. Our approach includes:

  • Developing a strategic multi-cloud strategy.
  • Designing and delivering implementations focused on “first-mover” applications.
  • Deploying skilled professionals to implement the right RH technologies for your business.

Transform your cloud strategy:

With DORA, the financial sector is set to witness a significant transformation in how digital operational risks are managed. Whether you’re looking to comply with new EU regulations, enhance your operational resilience, or secure your cloud operations, our partnership is here to lead the way on your journey to adventure.

This whitepaper aims to capture the essence of DORA and its implications for financial services, while highlighting the solutions offered by CG and RH to navigate this new regulatory landscape effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate through DORA compliance and your journey beyond. Ensure your financial services organization is not just compliant, but also a frontrunner in digital operational resilience and security.