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Connected products: Enhancing consumers’ lives with technology

In this Capgemini Research Institute report, Connected products: Enhancing consumers’ lives with technology, we examine the position of connected products as an integral aspect of the modern consumer lifestyle, with one-third of consumers now using connected products around the clock.

From the convenience of voice assistants to the health benefits of wearable technologies, consumers have welcomed connected products into their daily routines, citing benefits like improved safety and health and enhanced lifestyles. Smart home security and health wearables top the list of connected products that consumers are likely to buy in the coming year.

However, while consumers acknowledge the sustainability burden associated with these products, there is a growing demand for organizations to take responsibility for implementing more eco-conscious practices. Similarly, concerns about data privacy and integration persist, with consumers expressing dissatisfaction in these critical areas.

Looking at the topic of consumer-facing connected products in depth, we explore four broad themes, including how connected products have become integral to everyday life, the way in which voice assistants and health wearables provide positive consumer experiences, consumers’ perceptions of the associated sustainability burden, and how consumers are still unsatisfied with the data privacy, security, and integration offered by connected products. We conclude with recommendations in three key areas for connected product organizations to consider.

Download the full report to learn more about the outlook for connected products for consumers.  

Meet our experts

Eric Cohen

Vice President, Intelligent Industry Accelerator | Global Connected Consumer Offer Lead
At Capgemini, Eric guides the global Connected Consumer offer within Intelligent Industry. His expertise blends AI with tangible products and digital environments, fostering growth and cherished consumer experiences. Eric’s creativity led to the Reebok PUMP and successful innovations for P&G, Target, and Pfizer. He also shares his insights as a writer, speaker, and by mentoring early stage founders at Harvard Business School.

Nicolas Rousseau

Chief digital and manufacturing officer, Capgemini Engineering | Group Offer Leader, Intelligent Products & Services | Executive Vice-President
Nicolas Rousseau enables the intelligent industry. He brings his holistic view on technologies and business to work with companies to successfully imagine, build and operate new products and services. He has helped businesses transform, orient their R&D, reinvent their manufacturing and run customer experiences across the globe, in all industries.

Lisa Mitnick

Executive Vice President, Capgemini Invent
Lisa Mitnick is Executive Vice President at Capgemini Invent and serves as Global Offer Leader for Intelligent Products & Services, helping companies identify and drive new revenue streams through business model innovation and adopting connected products and services.

Darshan Shankavaram

Executive Vice President, Digital Customer Experience Global Practice Leader
Darshan is globally accountable for directing and building the Capgemini Group’s capabilities, delivery, service and portfolio for its 25,000 strong Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Practice. He has over 30 years of industry experience, including 15 years in Digital and Mobile. With his vast knowledge of business consulting, domain, and technical implementations, he has successfully led many large CX transformation programs.

Chiara Diana

Chief Design Officer at frog, part of Capgemini Invent
As our Experience expert, Chiara helps clients elevate and refine their CX strategy and execution by unifying brand, strategy and delivery into a holistic experience framework that strengthens loyalty and relationships with customers and employees..

Jeff Hebert

President at Synapse Product Development
Leading and enabling an extraordinary collection of people to deliver innovative product development services for ambitious clients.

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