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Lucky seven: Capgemini partnership recognized with seven prestigious AWS Partner of the Year 2023 Awards

Jerry Lacasia
14 Dec 2023

I am excited that we have been honored with a record number of seven AWS Partner of the Year 2023 Awards!

This unparalleled performance demonstrates the transformative power of our partnership and puts into perspective our 10 years of close collaboration with AWS to help organizations across the globe harness the immense potential of the cloud, unlocking new levels of efficiency, agility, and innovation.

I have been privileged to witness how a powerful partnership goes beyond technical prowess and engineering expertise. Our collaboration with AWS fosters a deep understanding and alignment of each other’s needs, aspirations, and values. And we continue to align our goals and work tirelessly to deliver a digital, sustainable future for our clients through 2023 and beyond.

These Awards are a testament to our fantastic teams who work tirelessly to deliver outstanding results and innovation with the use of AWS services. Let’s look at how these achievements validate the strength of our relationship with AWS:

  • AWS Global System Integrator (GSI) Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) Partner of the Year, Global recognizes the top partners globally who have demonstrated expertise in machine learning.  
  • AWS Innovation Partner of the Year, Global honors organizations that have delivered an innovative customer experience via an integrated lifecycle of services. 
  • AWS Sustainability Partner of the Year, GCR recognizes AWS Partners committed to achieving sustainability goals.  
  • AWS Industry Partner of the Year – Automotive, Global celebrates the top AWS Automotive Competency Partners who helped customers accelerate their transformation. 
  • AWS GSI Partner of the Year, EMEA 
  • AWS GSI Partner of the Year, LATAM 
  • AWS GSI Partner of the Year, Iberia These three awards recognize the top GSI Partners with significant contributions related to revenue, opportunities, net new certified individuals, and AWS designations across regions. 

Receiving seven AWS Partner Awards is indeed a significant achievement, but it’s also a continuation of a journey that started over 10 years ago. We have invested heavily in our partnership, and we are one of the few partners to hold the distinction of Premier Consulting partner since the program’s inception in 2012. We’ve completed more than 500 successful AWS projects and migrated over 50,000 workloads globally. These multiple awards solidify the strength and depth of our relationship. 

I am extremely proud of our best-in-class engineering capabilities which are grounded in decades of experience and innovation across diverse industries from banking to automotive, life sciences and aviation, leveraging the latest technology and end-to-end engineering expertise. Our passion is to help our clients innovate to achieve their business ambitions through the world of cloud, digital, and platforms, guided by one of the largest teams of professionally certified digital and cloud experts and cloud-native developers.     

This, together with our focus on customer-first strategies, has helped our partnership evolve over time to meet changing business needs and push the boundaries of innovation and I am excited to see what the next year brings as we use our engineering expertise and AWS’s technology leadership and scale, to elevate what is possible with Generative AI as well as pioneering innovations in Intelligent Industry in 2024 and beyond!

This is just the start of an incredible journey with AWS! 

To find out more about our AWS partnership, you can visit our partner page here or feel free to drop me a line or connect with me on LinkedIn


Jerry Lacasia

Vice-President – Microsoft Global Partnership
High-performing international business development professional with extensive track record of success driving strategic partnerships, transformational initiatives and business operations.