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Sustainability presents real opportunity for industry growth and leadership: Accelerate ESG action for better business outcomes.

To become a true steward of sustainability, the financial services industry must transform its business operations, risk calculations, and investment principles to finance the right projects for net-zero emissions.

Banks and insurers hold the power to empower firms and their leaders across industries to accelerate the energy-transition journey.

Recent Capgemini research found financial services companies have tremendous opportunity to up their sustainability game, as progress being made lags that of other industries. With ESG-related issues and priorities ever more front of mind with regulators, investors, consumers, and global talent, the industry does not want to be left behind.

Capgemini has sustainability solutions to help banking, capital markets, and insurance players face data challenges, imbedding ESG into finance and accounting practices; accelerate green product and services innovation; understand and manage ESG risks to help ensure resilience; make tangible progress on upskilling workforces; and communicate actions through accurate, transparent reporting.

We are ready to help you take a leap forward with practical, concrete steps: accelerate your sustainability journey today.

Climate Week

Let’s embark on a journey to sustainability.

Meet our experts

Tej Vakta

Expert in Capital Markets & Wealth Management

Hesaam Aslani

Insurance Analytics Leader
Hesaam has 17 years of experience supporting underwriting, pricing, claims and risk functions in their data and analytics needs as part of global insurance carriers. Most recently, he was the Senior Vice President of analytics supporting the Chief Underwriting Office at QBE North America.

Arun Prasad

Insurance Solutions Head
Arun Prasad, a devout insurance professional for over two decades, leads our reusable assets and sustainability solutions, such as Intelligent Property and external data-driven insights platforms, to drive ESG charter at our insurance clientele. Arun is recognized as a thought leader in the industry and has previously specialized in various organizations’ regulatory, actuarial, and data management functions. He partners with C-Suite on proactive consultative advisory to help navigate the rapidly changing risk landscape leveraging data-driven insights for positive business outcomes.

    Intelligent property solutions

    Reduce property risks with climate change and sustainability metrics while cutting costs

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    We’re ready to be the architects and orchestrators of your sustainable future.

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