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Enterprise Large Transformation:
Unlock success with the right approach

Large Transformation Program (LTP) Method

Large companies need comprehensive transformation strategies to improve performance and develop new competencies in today’s global and dynamic environment. SAP® S/4HANA® enabled large-scale business transformation helps organizations keep pace with these changes by providing a flexible and scalable platform that can be tailored to their specific needs.

Are you beginning your business transformation journey and don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’re already in the midst of it, but it’s not running as expected? Capgemini’s Large Transformation Program (LTP) method can help you create sustainable business change that generates business value through digital transformation and empower your business to thrive in the digital age.

Capgemini’s 4-stage Large Transformation Program (LTP) method ensures quick return of investments on business transformation while managing the related risk. It includes the following 4 stages:

  1. Shape program – understanding why the business needs to change and building the roadmap to realizing the change and generating business value.
  2. Establish program – understanding the foundational building blocks of the transformation and the solutions to support them.
  3. Build solutions – detailed design, build and test of the solutions.
  4. Deploy change – rollout of the solutions and realization of benefits.

“The core objective of any method remains the same: speediest possible delivery of traceable business benefits aligned with a business case. Programs and projects within the program can vary by scope and scale of work, and the Large Transformation Program Method can be focused to the project scope, but it includes all that you don’t have to miss for a successful transformation journey”

Elisabetta Spontoni (Executive Vice President, Group Offer Leader for Digital Core, Global Head of PBS Portfolio, Communities and Enablement – Capgemini)

The Digital Acceleration Navigator is Capgemini’s platform to digitally enable our Large Transformation Program method at each of the four stages, integrating proprietary and partner tools to accelerate your journey to the Renewable Enterprise.

Digital Acceleration Navigator platform

Digital Acceleration Navigator (DAN) is Capgemini's platform designed to accelerate your journey towards the Renewable Enterprise and serves as the cornerstone for implementing Large Transformation Program (LTP). It efficiently digitizes every step of your transformation journey, from initial strategy planning to the execution, operations and continuous delivery and innovation.

Why Digital Acceleration Navigator is essential:

  • Strategy Navigator is a pivotal component used to Identify transformation opportunities and address strategic ambitions, conduct an end-to-end maturity assessment, define target capability and operating models, build your transformation roadmap and business case, and unify stakeholders for sign-off.
  • From ambitions & levers through maturity matrix to Business Case, Strategy Navigator is the collaborative environment to clarify the “why” for a business transformation, state your future vision and target, and build your transformation journey

  • Change Management and stakeholders’ engagement are key ingredients of a successful transformation, Change Adoption Platform provides the digital tools to support our Organizational Change Management experts across all the stages!
  • It digitizes the change approach, from the business strategy all the way through to understanding the business change impact on differing personas and the actions required to start working in the new way.
  • Offers a proactive way for leaders and change agents to manage readiness and monitor adoption.

  • Solution Navigator optimizes the potential of Capgemini’s delivery for S/4HANA and SAP SaaS solutions. It provides Capgemini consultants worldwide with a consistent set of methodology guidance, pre-built content, and tools to ensure excellence in service delivery on Greenfield, Brownfield, Selective Data Transitions, Global Template Deployments being S/4HANA on premise, private or public cloud.

  • To make a business-driven, outcome-based digital transformation a success, you need to deliver sustainable business change that generates business value.
  • Value Navigator is your go-to tool for tracking the value enabled at each release/iteration. It closely monitors operational and strategic Key Performance Indicators against the set business case baseline targets


Large Transformation Program method and Digital Acceleration Navigator platform ensure quick return of investments on business transformation while managing the related risk. They empower you to create sustainable business change that generates value by ensuring traceability from target transformation ambitions to value realization, keeping stakeholders committed and employees engaged, facilitating innovation, and supporting continuous delivery, all contributing to the success of your business digital transformation. 


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    Large companies need comprehensive transformation strategies to improve performance and develop new competencies in today’s dynamic environment.

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      Meet our experts

      Martin Driscoll

      Vice President, Global SAP Center of Excellence, Manufacturing and Supply Chain
      Martin has over 25 years of experience delivering SAP-enable business transformation. Working primarily in the Discrete Manufacturing sectors, especially Aerospace, he has delivered Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Solutions in Europe, North America and South-East Asia. Working for Capgemini’s Global SAP Center of Excellence for the last five years, Martin has been instrumental in authoring Capgemini’s Large Transformation Program (LTP) Method.

      Martina Aleksieva

      Global Product Owner of Capgemini’s Large Transformation Program (LTP) Method, SAP Centre of Excellence
      Martina is a Global Product Owner of Capgemini’s Large Transformation Program (LTP) Method, leading the ongoing development of the method and toolchain required to deliver large S/4HANA-enabled business transformations. Martina maintains special focus on coaching and collaborating with Capgemini’s program delivery teams and Partners, helping to unlock and ensure business transformation success for Clients.

      Shreya Chopra

      Change Management Product Owner, Capgemini Strategic Business Solutions
      Shreya has been instrumental in spearheading the development of the Change Adoption Platform since its inception, actively shaping its features and leading it through a keen Product Ownership perspective. In her present capacity, she assumes leadership of the Change Management Practice in India, collaborating with clients to provide specialized ERP-centric change management consulting services.

      Valery Smague

      Expert in SAP
      Valery is the SAP Global CoE Operations leader at Capgemini, and the Product Owner of Value Navigator. He believes that all clients that engage in their SAP journey have a unique opportunity to get the best business value from the transformation transform – Value-driven transformation supported by a lean S/4HANA core connected to ever-improving agile applications is his credo, and with Value Navigator he provides customers with the tool to track and demonstrate value along the entire transformation journey.

      Sanjay Amesur

      Vice President, PBS – Capgemini

      Rachel Head

      Change Adoption Platform Product Owner, Capgemini Strategic Business Solutions
      Rachel is the creator, innovator, and product owner of the Change Adoption Platform on the Digital Accelerator Navigator (DAN) platform. She works with her global Capgemini change community to further evolve the platform alongside her clients. In her day-to-day role as a Transformation Director, she leads large programmes to enable value and drive adoption.

      Rajeshwari Vijay Purohit

      Digital Acceleration Navigator Lead
      Having led and delivered multiple implementations and automations with robust experience involving IT implementation and business process transformations, Rajeshwari leads our Digital Acceleration Navigator platform helping organizations accelerate their Digital journey to becoming a renewable enterprise.

      Yasmina Boukhari

      Vice President | Capgemini Invent