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IT emission management and control

We all have a part to play in the global effort to reach net zero. But the IT industry needs to do more than others.

The IT industry faces a dual challenge: it has to reduce its own carbon footprint while helping other sectors achieve their sustainability goals. IT uniquely holds the opportunity to use its own systems and solutions to measure, manage and mitigate its carbon emissions.   It becomes paramount for the services sector, but it is also a key consideration for technology-driven businesses.

We partner with technology firms ServiceNow and Aguaro to offer a sound sustainability strategy for the IT estate and employee engagement advisory. Our IT emission management and control solution provides the means to measure current IT carbon impact, plan for the carbon footprint reduction, and generate data for internal reporting and public disclosures.

55% of organizations claim they are aware of their digital carbon footprint.”

Capgemini Research Institute, Sustainability Transformation Trends Survey, August–September 2022,
N = 1,003 executives in corporate functions

Helping organizations get there


Baseline technology carbon emissions, and assess technology


Create a strategy and decarbonization action plan


Get ready to execute your plan, and monitor progress

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The IT industry has a unique opportunity to use its own systems and solutions to measure, manage and mitigate its carbon emissions.

Meet our experts

Dr. Skander Guetari

Head of CIS Portfolio, France Enterprise Architect
Skander Guetari received his PhD in Computer Science from the University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, in 1996. He has 25 years of experience in the world of infrastructures and for 13 years at IBM he built architectures for e-business for several CAC40 clients through rationalization approaches. As a technology enthusiast, he joined Capgemini to bring the functional and financial benefits of innovation to his clients. He is currently Director of the portfolio of offers and he oversees the Move to Green offer at Capgemini. In parallel, Dr. Skander Guetari gives courses and workshops on green IT topics and offerings to different customers, schools, and universities.

Marta Kisiela

Offer Lead, Cloud Infrastructure Services 
An expert in enterprise service management with 10 years of experience of working with customers, partners, and industry experts to manage IT services in the most efficient manner. For the last 2 years Marta has been working with Cloud Infrastructure Services as an Offer Lead building innovative solutions based on ServiceNow platform to solve our customer’s complex business problems. The most recent offer is Future Franchise Services which is dedicated to managing the franchise-franchisee relationship.

Laurence Jumeaux

Business Technology Vice-President, Sustainable IT lead, Capgemini Invent
Laurence Jumeaux leads Capgemini Invent’s Sustainable IT offer, a central part of Capgemini’s broader sustainability portfolio. With more than 20 years’ experience in IT Transformation, which in recent years focused on sustainability, Laurence supports her clients’ organization and technology transformations.