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Government data readiness

Leveraging data as a superpower for the public sector

Government agencies are facing complex, interconnected policy challenges, resource constraints associated with budget limitations, and declining citizen trust in their general problem- solving abilities.

In order to meet extant challenges and deliver on their mission-critical priorities, government agencies need to make smarter decisions, increase their operational efficiency, and deliver better citizen services. Data holds major potential to achieve this, but most governments are struggling to fully leverage this important resource.

We help implement three critical government data-readiness building blocks to close the gap between the status quo and becoming data-driven.

Data culture

Formulating an outcome-oriented data strategy and fostering a data mindset, data skills, and data habits to unlock the value of data and to make the right technology choices.

Data governance and management

Establishing the rules of the game for data use and sharing and implementing them with a powerful data management solution.

Data platforms

Easing the ingestion, storage, processing, sharing, and governance of data in a scalable and secure fashion.

“Fostering data culture is a change management process that cuts both ways. If your organization does not buy into the value of data for achieving your mission-critical priorities, investments into data technology will be misaligned or even fall flat. At the same time, only with the proper technical data capabilities in place will it be possible for your organization to develop a data mindset, data skills, and data habits.”

Philipp Fuerst,
Data-driven Government Lead,
Capgemini Global Sector

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Meet our experts

Dr. Philipp Fuerst

VP Data-Driven Government & Offer Leader, Global Public Sector
To unlock the value of their data, governments need to make organizational changes and meet new technology requirements. Yet, the many examples of public sector agencies that have already successfully embarked on the journey to become data-driven organizations show that these hurdles can be overcome. Their gains in decision making, operational efficiency and citizen experience are tangible and significant. Our clients believe the benefits they have reaped are well worth the effort.

Pierre-Adrien Hanania

Global Offer Leader – Data & AI in Public Sector
As a member of the Public Sector team of Capgemini, I provide strategy and technology consultancy services on different aspects of digital transformation. The scope of my work covers all segments, whether defense and security, welfare and tax, public admin, or healthcare, building on a pluri-disciplinary vision and transversal levers to be activated across public services. At Capgemini, I lead the coordination of the European Public Sector, looking for ways to connect similar organizations across borders, according to their needs and digital journeys.