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Connected Marketing Engine

Connected marketing engine

Leverage real-time signals, touchpoints, and essential data to create a compelling consumer-centric platform for seamless personalized engagement.

In the dynamic landscape of customer relationships, personalizing any engagement with a customer is key to winning over their loyalty. Engaged and loyal customers don’t just add value – they present up to 306% higher customer lifetime value. On the flip side, 92% of customers switch brands after encountering just two negative experiences.

Capgemini’s connected marketing engine demonstrates how we can help transform your regular customers into loyal and engaged ones by being data-driven and relevant during every engagement.

Identifying obstacles to loyalty

We analyzed the hurdles hindering our clients from achieving this state of relevancy and pinpointed these key challenges:

  • Incomplete customer profiles: Absence of a real-time 360° customer profile due to fragmented data sources and a disconnect between digital and physical channels.
  • Skill gaps: Insufficient skills, knowledge, and a data-driven mindset among employees in sales, service, commerce, and marketing domains.
  • Inflexible tooling: Tools that lack agility in responding to dynamic market events like consumer financial concerns, geopolitical instability, and the pandemic.

Aligning with consumer evolution

Our analysis of evolving consumer behavior mirrors these challenges:

  • Shopping preferences: 61% of consumers value in-store experiences alongside delivery and fulfillment, making it crucial to connect the digital and physical worlds.
  • Brand connectivity: Consumers willingly share data with favored brands for an enhanced experience, enabling even better personalization.
  • Personalization demands: While 27% of companies currently personalize customer journeys, there’s a visible gap in meeting customer expectations for individualized interactions.

Meeting evolving customer expectations

Our real-life marketing technology platform is your gateway to overcoming obstacles and aligning seamlessly with evolving consumer expectations.

Our platform leverages AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to pool all customer data in one place. With its ability to bridge technology tools and break down marketing silos, the platform can be integrated into any existing ecosystem to offer:

  • Unified customer profiles: Create 360° customer profiles that bring both online and offline touchpoint data together.
  • Real-time personalization: Achieve hyper-relevance at every touchpoint, from product recommendations to in-store screens to point of sale.
  • Empowered employees: Equip your workforce with accurate customer information through dashboards, enhancing their capabilities across in-store interactions, customer service, marketing, and sales conversations.