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Client story

Canon Production Printing empowers employees with new people experience

Client: Canon Production Printing
Region: Netherlands
Industry: Manufacturing

Partnering with Capgemini Invent, Canon Production Printing develops and follows through on a roadmap to deliver modern and state-of-the-art People Services

Client Challenge: Canon Production Printing wanted to become a top-notch HR organization by improving its HRIS landscape and implementing a holistic HR strategy
Solution: The company worked with Capgemini Invent to develop and execute a roadmap that enabled the implementation of a new HR Information System landscape that unified its approach across regions and more effectively supported employees everywhere.

  • Improvement of internal employee experience and satisfaction
  • €500K annual cost saving with ROI within one year
  • More effective use of existing HCM package provided better value for money spent

Canon Production Printing, a global leader in high-tech printing products and workflow software for the commercial printing market, intended to climb to the top of the industry as the culmination of its lengthy and rich organizational history. In order to properly support its fast-paced development of new technology, the company wanted to improve its Human Resources Information System (HRIS) landscape, which would unify and enrich its existing portfolio.

While effective HR elements were already in place, Canon Production Printing wanted to consolidate its strategy and introduce a more holistic approach. As a result, the organization would align different teams and regions with a single global vision. In doing so, the company planned to introduce more efficient HR processes while granting employees greater transparency, which would reduce lingering confusion. However, before proceeding with the implementation of a solution, Canon Production Printing wanted to establish a clear plan that would establish key challenges and lay out a roadmap.

To achieve this, the company engaged Capgemini in order to identify a plan for the development of a customized journey that would introduce the ideal HRIS set-up and address the particular challenges faced by the business.

Preparing for effective execution

Working collaboratively, Canon Production Printing and Capgemini launched a three-part study that would form the foundation for future implementations. This included an assessment of the existing HRIS landscape and operating model, the definition of key objectives and a new HRIS strategy, and the design of a roadmap to achieve the desired future state in support of the established business case.

The partners leveraged the Capgemini Invent team to shape Canon Production Printing’s HR IT approach and vision. To do so, the project team aligned global stakeholders on a particular vision of the company’s future. Based on this singular and shared intent, the Invent team developed a roadmap for the delivery of a renewed HRIS landscape that would provide support on a global scale and, in doing so, enhance the employee experience for Canon Production Printing teams spread across the world.

With key stakeholders brought on board and a roadmap established, Canon Production Printing and Capgemini Invent were able to make informed decisions that refined the custom project journey to meet the established business objectives. Through a unified approach that fully utilized the unique capabilities of each organization to form a consolidated team, the organizations developed and implemented the first phase of the HRIS roadmap that comprehensively improved the employee experience and elevated employee engagement. At the same time, the solution met the various needs of different teams and regions to fulfill Canon Production Printing’s vision of a unified approach to HR processes.

Empowering employees with a new HR approach

Following the developmental stage of the project, Canon Production Printing and Capgemini Invent invested in setting up the right communication channels for employees informing them of the new releases early on. As a result, the company now ensures that the steps employees can take to support their development, career, and well-being are more clearly defined, leading to a greater degree of trust. By removing barriers and improving efficiency, Canon Production Printing has enabled members of the HR team to more effectively support members of the organization, which has led to greater overall satisfaction throughout the company.

This transformation will provide the company with a competitive advantage in the talent market while simultaneously improving employee satisfaction. Canon Production Printing has positioned itself as a more modern and progressive employer while enhancing its ability to use its existing human capital management (HCM) landscape. Finally, the organization has lowered its overall operational costs as part of €500K in annual savings, a trend that will continue into the future.

Now unified across the entire scope of its global organization, Canon Production Printing has set the stage for more effective HR operations and future innovations. As a result, it has become a more employee-centric company, both for existing members of the organization and future talent.

“Capgemini Invent knew how to capture our challenges clearly and accurately and was able to convert these into workable solutions together with us. What I personally enjoyed about Capgemini Invent’s approach is that it wasn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but it was really customized towards our specific business and needs. The reason why this project was so successful can really be attributed to the collaborative form of our relationship with them and the co-creation of our deliverables!”

Eve Ernsting-Flamée
CHRO Canon Production Printing