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Unleashing thE power of healthcare with 5G

The 5G use cases that will transform healthcare for patients and providers

People live longer and better lives than ever before. But, with more individuals to treat, healthcare systems must increase efficiency and therapeutic effectiveness, while keeping costs down.

Information technology is critical to the provision of tailored care, moving it away from hospitals and closer to home. At the same time, increasingly detailed data on patients enables improvements in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

The technological innovations expected in healthcare – from wearables and drone-delivered medical supplies to remote surgeries and AI-powered analytics – all need high-performance connectivity and robust infrastructure. But this can be difficult to maintain. 5G – the next generation of networks – promises to be the answer.

In order to benefit from 5G in healthcare, it is important to understand the potential scenarios to which 5G technology can be applied, as well as the associated risks. This white paper explores the opportunities and pitfalls of 5G technology in healthcare, considering different use cases from monitoring to remote surgery.

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