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The Path to Sustainability for Life Sciences

An exclusive interview with Sanofi and UCB

In recent years, the pandemic has exposed the impact sustainable initiatives can have on the environment. But it also highlighted how much we depend on the pharmaceutical industry. With such an integral role in our lives, the industry must be fortified for the future. We need a pharmaceutical industry that evolves from superficial solutions to concrete, sustainable, value-generating actions. We need to implement a “transition to action.”

In this exclusive interview with Véronique Toully (Global Head of Sustainability at UCB) and Annabelle Harreguy (Global Health, Safety, and Environment Head at Sanofi), Cyril François discusses the challenges of making this transition. Together, the conversation explores their sustainability ambitions as they analyze investments, stakeholders, greenwashing, generational engagement, and the ecosystem at large.

“At Sanofi, we believe that pitting profitability against sustainability does not lead to optimal trade-offs”

Annabelle Harreguy Global Health, Safety, and Environment Head at Sanofi

“We are very vigilant and rigorous in the quantitative monitoring of our commitments and have established precise indicators.”

Véronique Toully Global Head of Sustainability at UCB

An exclusive interview

How Sanofi and UCB are tackling sustainability

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Cyril François

Expert in Digital Transformation