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New Era of Engineering – crafting the future

Our podcast series on ongoing tech research and innovation addresses key challenges for a more intelligent industry

Welcome to the forefront of innovation! Get ready to explore the “New era of engineering – crafting the future ” podcast series by Capgemini Engineering that takes you into the heart of ongoing tech research and innovation.

Curious to learn about how some of today’s challenges are being tackled to create a more intelligent tomorrow? Join host Liz Lugnier as she guides you through the cutting-edge world of AI, sustainability, automotive, digital twins, 6G, and more, alongside prestigious technological pioneers and researchers.

Each month, we will delve into the realm of possibilities, drawing from strategic university partnerships where distinguished experts collaborate. Discover how we’re scaling business solutions, pushing new innovations, and gearing up to face the challenges that lie ahead.

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Crafting the future: Exploring the cutting-edge collaborations driving future innovation in engineering

In our debut episode, Dr. Anne-Laure Cadène, VP, Head of University Partnership at Capgemini Engineering, unveils our Strategic University Research Partnerships program.

Join our host, Liz Lugnier, Director, Global Analyst Relations at Capgemini to discover how this initiative blurs the lines between academia and corporate research, fostering strategic collaborations to tackle complex challenges.

Explore the program’s three pillars: engineering the future, accelerating sustainability, and mastering complexity, and dive into captivating examples of research collaborations with top-tier academic partners.

Guest: Dr. Anne-Laure Cadène, VP, Head of University Partnership, Capgemini Engineering
Host: Liz Lugnier, Director, Global Analyst Relations, Capgemini

Research and innovation

Our research and innovation programs are business accelerators to help clients with high-intensity R&D to reveal the value.