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Invest in your most valuable asset

With a team of over 1,000 energetic and dedicated people, Capgemini China provides world-class services to over 20 global clients. Our people work with and for our clients to support their business operations, constantly striving to exceed all expectations.

Our people are our most valuable asset – and we believe that the more you invest in an asset, the more you can expect to gain.

With such a belief, at Capgemini China, we have worked hard to create a stimulating and supportive work environment, and continue to remain completely committed to the welfare of our employees. This has resulted in high levels of employee satisfaction and a low turnover ratio that gives us a well-motivated, ambitious, and integrated workforce. In 2018, we enjoyed an internal mobility ratio of 67% and maintained a low annual attrition rate. This is something that we are extremely proud of.

But how do we do it? We engage our people through timely recognition and ensure they receive the support and tools they need to do the best job possible. We also promote their success through a shared sense of achievement. On top of this, we enable our people through new technology, seed content, and guidance on desired participation, as well as through the right tools, resources, and processes.

Through creating opportunities that empower our people to excel at what they do, Capgemini China is determined to enhance and improve the development of our people.

People are the core creators of value in our business. This represents an extremely important investment in our greatest asset.

We are totally geared up to win the war on talent!

Shelley He

Shelley He, Engagement Director, Capgemini China

I started my Capgemini journey in July 2011 as operations manager responsible for delivery of record-to-report (R2R) services for Unilever. After moving from corporate finance to outsourcing, I was really excited by the opportunities to lead record-to-analyze (R2A) transitions and transformation projects, and worked with the team to take up high-end R2A scopes and processes across more countries. After rolling-out our global process model and “future finance” transformation projects, we managed to shorten the month-end closing and reporting from workday 5 (WD5) to workday 3 (WD3), which represents a market leading performance and position.

In 2013, I was nominated for and won a Capgemini Delivery Diamond Award – a program that recognizes the highest achievers for their substantial contribution towards delivering excellence during the year. I was promoted to engagement manager in 2014 and director in 2016, taking up responsibility for service delivery a number of clients including GMI, FedEx, and Stryker, among others.

Through Capgemini China’s excellent talent development and mobility, my team and I are able to mobilize the best talent internally for new engagements. This empowers our people to continue to excel in their career and enables us to achieve successful service delivery setup and stabilization for our new clients.

Wendy Feng

Wendy Feng, Engagement Manager, UD Trucks, Capgemini China

My Capgemini journey started in 2005 as a team member handling purchase-to-pay (P2P) transition for a major client. I furthered my personal development by moving from transition to service delivery across multiple engagements.

In 2017, I was promoted to service delivery manager for an US logistics company responsible for the APAC region – a role that was both exciting and demanding. With strong support from Capgemini China’s leadership, my team achieved “Green Status” in our service-level agreements (SLA), and the client has recognized our effort and output.

In 2018, I was again promoted to engagement manager for a leading Japanese automotive company – a role that represented a huge challenge due to the differences in culture. My team and I built up a strong relationship with the client by demonstrating Capgemini’s professionalism and high-quality of service, while proving through the service we deliver the strength of Capgemini’s reliability as a business strategy partner.

Working for Capgemini has equipped me with an optimization and transformation mindset, and enabled me to experience working in different workstreams and cultures. As the center expanded, Capgemini China’s leadership supported me with a variety of opportunities to develop my career.

All in all, working in Capgemini continues to be an extremely positive and valuable experience.

Eric Lee

Eric Lee, Team Manager, Dairy Farm, Capgemini China

I started my Capgemini journey in April 2012 as a senior process associate in the invoice-to-cash (ITC) team for our Warner Bros. engagement. Fast forward seven years, I’m now team manager for the accounts payable (AP) team for the Dairy Farm engagement.

During my seven years with Capgemini, I have served several engagements in accounts receivable (AR) and AP, and become certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt and Global Enterprise Model© (GEM) expert in both AR and AP. This training has helped me fully understand Capgemini’s products and given me the skills to deliver best-in-class services to our clients using them.

As an industry leader in the digital world, Capgemini has given me the opportunity to participate in transformation projects using tools such as optical character recognition (OCR) and robotic process automation (RPA). From this perspective, I feel that Capgemini constantly challenges me learn new and interesting ideas and technologies.

In 2018, I was extremely proud to be promoted to team manager responsible for leading the entire AP team for Dairy Farm. My engagement will undergo a scope expansion in near future, and I’m looking forward to the challenges this will bring. My journey in Capgemini continues!

Laura Luo and her team enable Capgemini’s people in China to develop their competencies and grow together with the company.