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Home Hunters

A total of 209 teams with 10 colleagues each played the home hunters across PAN India locations not only achieved the team spirit, but also had a thrilling fun experience in this challenge.

All the team captains were assigned a list of 10 items that their team members can collect/ make inside their home, the fastest, and hence become the best home hunters. The 10 interesting things given to collect/ make inside their home were:

  1. Any Capgemini Branded Item
  2. Any product with the mention: “Made in India” on it.
  3. Any 5 items stacked on each other.
  4. Any item in a shape of traingle.
  5. Any item with its name starting with letter ‘O’
  6. 3 level-cards pyramid
  7. Placard of “Stronger Together” caption on it.
  8. Head down position posture
  9. Two Paper Airplanes.
  10. One plate of prepared noodles.

Soon the pictures were joined as a collage and sent to us. Here we declare the winners of Home Hunters, basis the fastest team who collected all pictures and made a collage:

1. Charanya G & Team
2. Spencer Rodrigues & Team
3. Ankita Sahoo & Team
4. Vinaya Shingre & Team
5. Mahesh Angre & Team
6. Raga Sandhya & Team
7. Nagasubramanian V & Team
8. Divyanshu Mishra & Team
9. Nidhi Jain & Team
10. Vidhya Parthasarathy & Team

Congratulations to all the winners!

 Please share your experience about this contest on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with hashtags #StrongerTogether,#LifeAtCapgemini and #CapgeminiFitnessChallenge also tagging the Capgemini India page.