Future-Proofing Innovation

Future-proofing Innovation is a series of roundtable conversations hosted by Capgemini sustainability and business experts inviting clients, partners, academics, and influencers to discuss the general topic of sustainability in innovation.

Each discussion focuses on a specific industry. The global anchor for this series is James Robey, Capgemini’s Global Head of Sustainability. 

Most major multinational organizations are acutely aware of their responsibilities to the environment, and Capgemini is no different. We started to put our own plans in place over 15 years ago – we were one of the first to set science-based targets in 2016 – and since 2020 we have been committed to becoming a net zero business.
However, as a professional services company, we recognize that our carbon footprint is relatively modest compared to many of our clients. Consequently, alongside our own decarbonization commitments, we have set a target to help our clients reduce their footprints, and we are systematically embedding sustainability across our portfolio of client services.

That’s why this year we are holding roundtable events across different countries and different sectors with clients, partners, and other leading thinkers. We’ve been discussing sustainability, and what organizations can do to address the challenges while future-proofing innovation.
Dr. James Robey
Global Head of Sustainability, Capgemini

The roundtables

The mobility sector embeds the great potential to achieve a sustainable future through new transport, infrastructures and behavior changes.

The financial services industry will be crucial to the transition to a low carbon future. Without innovative financial solutions, the transition will be impossible.

The CPRD industry has been at the forefront of many sustainability battles, with several victories too, notably in reducing food waste in the value chain.

With many auto companies moving from being manufacturers towards being auto technology businesses, and as vehicles become more software-defined, the need for and nature of innovation in the industry is evolving.

Within the high-tech industry, topics like ESG reporting, smart grids, and digital transformation and sustainability, and Web3 are amongst the hot topics on the table.