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Bring Your Girl Gang (BYGG)

Below are the job opportunities open,  click here for more details:

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Terms & conditions

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Bring Your Girl Gang Campaign  – Employee must refer only Diversity candidates under this campaign
  2. Campaign period is  valid up to 14 August, 2020 and referral is  valid within 180 days from the initial date of referral.
  3. Employees must refer relevant profiles to the jobs posted in the link
  4. For every successful joiner, employee will receive gift vouchers and same will be given within 3 months from the DOJ of the referral.
  5. If the same referral is received from more than one referring Individual or other channels, only the source that referred first, with correct details, will be considered for goodies or rewards. The decision of HR will be final and binding in all such cases

Out of Scope

  1. This is a campaign and NOT a Referral program. Employee will not  be eligible for Regular Employee Referral Incentive for this referrals
  2. If the candidate profile exist in the database, it will not be considered as your referral under this campaign
  3. You should not be part of interview panel and also should not be the supervisor of the candidate referred
  4. Talent acquisition team is not eligible to be part of this campaign