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Brajesh Kokkonda

Circle of Solidarity

A story of faith in adversity by Brajesh Kokkonda, Manager/C2 at Capgemini India

“Remember God and Be Strong!”

My Story

You all know that we are part of evolution and have seen many types of pandemics and viruses. But we have still survived. When I was affected by covid, I  believed in God and stayed strong. I always kept a positive attitude and hope.

As a COVID-19 survivor, all I can is that even though it may seem hard, do not lose hope. If you have been affected by the virus, take healthy food and ensure good rest. Remember that a good diet is very important and must be consumed timely. Forget taste for few weeks. Also, consume warm water till you recover.

Make sure that you stay away from social apps, news channels, negative thoughts, stress and anxiety. Read good books and listen to peaceful music. I used to practice meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and sit in the sunlight every morning and they helped me a lot.

Finally, please get your family members and yourselves vaccinated. Stay brave and confident. There’s nothing to fear!