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Align information and operational technology systems
Intelligent industry

Align information and operational technology systems for a competitive advantage

Convergence is vital for a successful digital transformation in today’s industrial environment

Emerging technologies are being deployed across industry sectors, fundamentally changing the way we do business. This has ushered in a new era of digital transformation, creating opportunities for players willing to experiment with new strategies.

The combination of smart and connected products, advanced analytics, and the intelligent industry allows companies to redefine business operations and outcomes. For instance, products can be made more quickly and sustainably, and customers can be better engaged at every touchpoint. To leverage this great opportunity, however, many organizations will need to address a major bottleneck: isolated information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) systems.

These systems have traditionally been siloed. But today, IT and OT are increasingly connected in their potential for boosting efficiency and operational performance. For example, monitoring and predictive analytics – part of IT systems – can identify mechanical issues in welding robots for corrective action within their OT systems, which translates to increased uptime on the factory floor.

Capgemini believes that companies can tap into this potential and realize numerous business benefits by pursuing an IT/OT convergence strategy. This can also help achieve sustainability targets, as connected devices with their IT and OT systems working in harmony can measure critical parameters for reducing emissions and pursuing net-zero goals.

Having discussed these ambitions with current and potential clients, we have prepared a set of recommendations for building a successful convergence strategy.

Download Strategies to enable IT/OT convergence to learn more.

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