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A game changer for business operations

Intelligent Automation Special Edition

Predictions for 2019 and beyond all point in the same direction – putting the client at the heart of all activities is likely to further stimulate the erosion of organizational silos around the front, middle, and back office. In turn, this will lead to the emergence of new, borderless, client-centric organizations that optimize the way value creation is executed.

It, therefore, won’t come as any surprise that embracing intelligent automation (IA) powered by the automation “golden triangle” of robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and smart analytics – combined and aligned with a deep understanding of processes – is paramount for any organization wishing to reach the goal of a single, aligned office.

This publication showcases the best of our current thought leadership on intelligent automation, featuring articles, points of view, and success stories by our experts. Welcome to our Intelligent Automation Special Edition.