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We are a merit driven organisation


Based on my interactions with leaders across industries globally and including Capgemini countries, I observe a clear focus towards innovative recruitment practices to compete for great talent and talent of the future.

Most companies are preparing for the future of work, identifying skills gap (supply vs. demand), and mapping how technology and business shifts will change the skills required.

For instance, did you know that the growth of artificial intelligence could create 58 million net new jobs in the next few years? Source: World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs 2018

I would like to reflect on our hiring practices and share with you an account of successful merit based recruitment practices we have at Capgemini. Hiring is a crucial element to build the next generation of our business which is imperative for the growth of the organisation.

I along with the talent acquisition team are continuously working towards creating a level playing field for our people and new admissions based on merit. We work on the principle that talent has no gender, age, race, nationality or sexual orientation, in fact diversity is a key facet of talent in its own right. Merit selection ensures that selection is based only on a person’s ability to perform the work.

We have a robust recruitment process, which means breaking down barriers, increasing access, and disrupting entrenched old-world biases which aims to choose the best person for the job, resulting in high quality workforce.

Some of the best practices are:

  1. Sourcing candidates across gender spectrum for all job positions to ensure best talent fit for each position
  2. Forming diverse panels during interview assessment, which includes a woman leader as a panellist
  3. All panellists undergo Interviewing Bias elearn to acknowledge and address their biases,
  4. Recruit people not only for the roles immediately available, but with a longer-term view to offering them satisfying careers in the organisation. With this guiding principle, candidates are evaluated against behaviours identified as core to the ongoing success and sustainability of the organisation and its values.

We focus on people agenda and openness to innovative ways of working driven by latest technology and cultural dexterity that helps us work together and interact with our clients. Given that our clients are becoming increasingly diverse, cross functional, multi-cultural and multi-geographical teams are now the norm. To remain relevant, we must reflect upon this diverse environment within our organisation and our people.

We are injecting greater urgency into our efforts to tackle gender imbalances in the workplace and using flexibility as a key differentiator to being a talent magnet to the modern workforce. Winspire – our gender diversity dimension is about empowering all of our people by actively addressing the barriers to equality, and creating a level playing field and inclusive culture for both men and women.

Our strategy is about encouraging open minds and creating an inclusive culture where people from all walks of life can build a rewarding career and achieve their full potential.

So go ahead invite your contacts to join Capgemini!