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Making transformation human for HomeServe


Salesforce is a natural fit for such a customer-centric business, and HomeServe was convinced it was the right solution for the omnichannel customer service solution they wanted. They conducted a very thorough search for the right partner to help them achieve this transformation, and I’m proud that Capgemini came out on top.

HomeServe provides fast, professional repairs for heating, plumbing, water, gas, and electrical system to more than eight million customers in the UK, North America, France, and Spain. The Salesforce technologies we’ll be helping them implement will replace the many ad-hoc marketing, customer relations, invoicing, and finance applications they have acquired over the years as their business has grown and diversified.

The new, unified Salesforce platform will enable them to manage customer and service provider relationships, as well as end-to-end data, much more efficiently and cost-effectively. It will also make it much easier to scale up for new products and services as the company continues to grow.

We worked very closely with many different stakeholders at HomeServe for more than six months leading up to this deal. It was really important to us to demonstrate our belief that digital transformation is about forming open, trusting relationships between people first and technology second.

We did this by being completely flexible in our solution exploration meetings – we didn’t set a strict calendar of topics to cover, we responded to what key people at HomeServe wanted to know, when they wanted to know it. The result is that we go into this engagement with really deep understanding between team members on both sides already in place – that’s how transformation gets done.

Of course, HomeServe also looked at our credentials and experience in great detail. And we were able to demonstrate the genuinely global implementation expertise embedded in our Salesforce Center of Excellence – a really important factor for a company with global growth ambitions like HomeServe.

HomeServe has been a pioneer in home assistance for more than two decades, and we’re very proud they have chosen Capgemini as their partner on the next part of their journey. We look forward to working with them closely, and to many more years of keeping happy homes safe.