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Gender balance and the equal representation of women in Insights & Data


Some believe that the best way to work is when there are equality and balance in the organization. This could be a work-life balance for example or equality and diversity in the workplace. Since I find the equal representation of women in the data management practice in Insights and Data to be of great importance, it brings me great pleasure to tell you about how six data-passionate women came together to discuss this very concept at the Capgemini London office in Holborn on September 28, 2018.

Points of discussion ranged from what inspires these women and why they think data management is a compelling career choice, to the skills/traits/mindset needed for a career in this area, to the most memorable moments at Capgemini. I spoke about the many different global opportunities I have received at Capgemini and my role as the Global Sales Operations Manager for Data Management.

First, let’s consider why gender balance is important. Research carried out by Mckinsey suggests that firms that maintain gender balance attract and retain high performers who value fairness. Paul Margetts, CEO, Capgemini UK, addressed this subject in his article on gender diversity and how it improves the financial performance of a company. This subject is discussed further in the Mckinsey Report 2018.

Gender balance not only plays an important role in boosting productivity but is also beneficial in leadership development. The attraction and retention of top female talent has been difficult in the data management area. In practice, this industry remains dominated by men. However, the six women who came together to discuss their experiences and life at Capgemini are very passionate about the work they do, and this comes across clearly in their interviews. Every company would benefit from having more women employees.

That said, there are several great related initiatives that Capgemini UK is currently running. They include #pressforprogress. This campaign focuses on promoting gender equality and inclusion and Paul Margetts, Managing Director, Business Unit UK, Capgemini outlined this in his article – the actions Capgemini are taking to improve gender diversity by 2020.

Another great campaign supported by Paul Hermelin, our Group Chairman and CEO, is the Women at Capgemini global program which was set up in 2012 to push the fundamental principle of “equal opportunities, equal chances”. The idea here is to have an agenda focusing on recruitment, retention, and development of women which leads to changing the corporate culture. The program ensures there are no ceilings for women and how the gender balance should shift towards women and men leading this company should support this change.

Overall, we still have a long way to go. However, our organization has put into place some great ways to improve gender balance and diversity and by 2020 we hope to be in a better position than ever. For the data management practice, here’s to championing change and more female representation in 2019 and years to come!

Authored by: Hardev Wahiwala

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