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Future of Automation


Automation has been driving business efficiencies since the dawn of the commercial revolution. As technology matured over the years, much of the repetitive and mundane work was most sought-after for automation via enterprise-scale platforms and tools. Hyper-automation is the next evolutionary step in driving business process efficiencies; it will also enable enterprise-wide automations by empowering citizen developers to build their own automations to scale, under the citizen development program.

The whitepaper titled ‘Future of Automation,’ aims to provide a perspective on the evolution of automation – then, now, and the future. It covers how democratization of automation can happen with the advent of hyper-automation, how automation hubs play a huge role in the success of hyper-automation, and how value realization occurs through focused centers of excellence. Furthermore, it provides glimpses into how to manage automation performance and insights.

The whitepaper argues that citizen development is the future of automation, outlines its importance, key to its success, and elaborates how low-code citizen development and RPA centers of excellence can work in collaboration.

The objective of this whitepaper is to enable our clients in their automation ambitions by looking at it holistically, planning strategically, and by helping to realize business value objectively.

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Key contact:

Sarvesh Bhatnagar

Senior Director | Head of Enterprise Transformation for intelligent process & performance, Capgemini Invent India
Delivery excellence, Technology consulting, digital solutions, process mining, RPA, SmartBots and ERP.