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CYBER ANGEL – Marjorie Bordes 

8 Mar 2024

Join us for this interesting and insightful conversation with, Marjorie Bordes, Vice President, Group Cyber Defense Operations, where she explains the importance of diversity in cybersecurity, how Capgemini’s values foster a positive and supportive work environment, and how she finds the cybersecurity profession both fascinating and fulfilling.

1. Tell us about your role. What does a day in your life at Capgemini look like? 

Every day is a new day depending on new rising threats, major attacks on the market and/or incidents impacting our clients that need the involvement of my Cyber Defense team. Part of my role is to enable and empower my teams to do what they do best: protect Capgemini against potential external and internal cyber threats. Together, we are facing daily complex situations to solve; we challenge each other on the best way to deal with them and adapt our posture in the context of constantly evolving threats. On top of that, I’m excited to contribute to our global digital transformation, demonstrating that cyber is not something that we need to be weighed down by, but part of the solution to accelerate a client’s business and secure their future.  

2. What makes you proud to work at Capgemini? 

I’m proud to work at Capgemini because everything is possible, as long as you have a good idea, you are able to put it into practice, develop it, and deliver it. This entrepreneurial spirit is really present and absolutely amazing. It allows us to be an active player in the future we want!

3. How are you working towards the future you want? 

By concentrating our efforts on the production of high-quality cyber threat intelligence which structures our threat detection capabilities, guides our offensive security programs, and helps our customers to adapt on a day-to-day basis their cybersecurity posture.   

4. What difference does it make to have diversity in the cyber leadership? (The value of diversity in the cyber leadership) 

Diversity is very key in cyber because it allows us to break down certainties, cross viewpoints, experiences, and sensitivities. It’s an undeniable asset for understanding the complexity of our business. I’m already looking forward to continuing to enrich our team with very different profiles and backgrounds, and I’m proud to start the journey to be able to welcome neurodiverse profiles very soon.  

5. What advice would you give to someone joining Capgemini Cybersecurity? 

Enjoy your new journey among a community of very skilled experts. Connect with the people all across the Globe, understand their respective missions and how you’ll work with them, and learn from all of them as well. You’ll discover how your uniqueness will serve/support the Capgemini One Team.

Finally, I never asked myself if I was able to do something or not because I’m a woman.  I have spent my career working in professional environments that historically have been dominated by male colleagues. I have never seen this as a barrier, I have always been driven by the skills and experience I can offer.  Being a woman has never stopped me at all.  

If you are looking for a role in cybersecurity at Capgemini, please visit our career page

Marjorie Bordes

Vice President, Group Cyber Defense Operations
Marjorie has over 15 years’ experience in threat intelligence, crisis management, incident response and transformation programs, working in both the private and public sectors.