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Building the SAP S/4HANA Business Case

Vivek Dsilva

The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”. Earlier this weekend, I chanced upon William Gibson’s illuminating quote as I travelled for my meetings with CXOs of some of the largest companies in the UK. The quote drew parallels with why addressing the B-Case for SAP S/4HANA was critical. B-Cases aren’t simplistic linear questions that an automated tool will answer with decision points; in fact, they are quite the contrary. B-Cases require an approach covering multiple facets based on priority. As with every approach, it evolves over time, and I am sure multiple dimensions will enhance this approach as the market and SAP evolve over the coming years.

Figure 1: Moving to SAP S/4HANA – 4 aspects to the business case

1) The Technical Estate Revamp – The Enterprise IT teams elucidate benefits from IT costs & efficiency improvement perspectives. The key parameters we’ve repetitively factored for customers are:

  • Reduction in IT Maintenance spend – Both Infra and Applications Services
  • Simplified Integration and Architecture with reduced complexity in functional and technical areas, leading to faster business processes
  • Faster deployment of solutions and the adoption of AGILE delivery along with DevOps

Capgemini’s Next Generation Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) portfolio is a key enabler here. With the goal to excel at the fundamentals of ADM, enhance the core to create a culture of continuous improvement, and innovate rapidly, agility is the key to surviving and thriving in the digital age. We simplify the core and use differentiated solutions through API services in SCP and Cloud-based applications to have a renewable, revamped technical estate.

2)Business Process Improvement – The traditional approach to arrive at ERP transformation B-Case is still relevant; however, one needs to approach this multi-year multi-transformation cautiously. The secret lies in simplifying the approach by identifying and benchmarking industry standard performers, key value scenarios, and business divisions to improve key processes within the associated KPI’s.

  • We’ve used the 3*3*3 matrix – Approaching 3 Divisions/Business units with 3 process and 3 KPIs to improve the top 27 KPI’s across your organization
  • We gravitate towards a standardized, simplified, S/4HANA automation at business process levels

3) Innovation and Data Lake Capitalization – It’s no secret that data is the new ‘gold’, which will drive businesses and change the way they operate too. S/4HANA provides a unique opportunity to have the transactional O-Data (Operational data) as part of the enterprise-wide data lake, which organizations will capitalize on.

The data lake capitalization along with a use-case-driven approach to leverage AI/ML to solve business problems of users in real time will bring benefits beyond operational efficiency, resulting in topline growth. At the Capgemini SAP Centre of Excellence, we are building innovations to transform your organization into a Renewable Enterprise.

4) Reinvent the Future Business Models – E2E business in the digital age cuts across barriers, including industries of operation. In this age of connected businesses, the focus must be on customer value chains across businesses (conglomerates serving Telecom, Retail, Energy, Automobile & Media etc.). Industry verticals are overlapping with circular structures while business relationships are becoming fluid and agile.

SAP S/4HANA provides a platform as a digital and intelligent ERP core, which is unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. Capgemini with its Renewable Enterprise & Advisory Services helps you adapt to the new world of changing business models, innovation, and simplified IT landscapes.


Some of you might contest the approach with another, but like I said, every approach evolves as new technologies and innovations are brought to the table. I’m convinced, like hundreds of our other clients, that the four aspects will help customers move to a B-Case for S/4HANA, irrespective of which quadrant gives the maximum leverage. SAP S/4HANA is a unique opportunity that enables the future of customer’s business. To learn more or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

About the author

Vivek Dsilva

Vivek is currently a Senior Director at Capgemini, heading the SAP Centre of Excellence & Pre-sales Solutions for the European Market. With over 20 years of experience, Vivek’s expertise lies in Pre-Sales & Solutions, Architecture, ERP Delivery Management, managing E2E Global Engagements, and Program Management.