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Team Lead, Business Services – India


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I am Vasantha K Kumar. I joined Capgemini in 2023 and I work as a Team Lead in Business Process Outsourcing.

What motivated you to join Capgemini?

I was attracted to Capgemini for its strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion, its innovative approach to technology, and its global reputation for excellence. The stories of Capgemini’s culture and the opportunities for professional growth and development showcased on platforms like LinkedIn resonated with me, drawing me to become a part of this dynamic organization.

How was your experience with integration to Capgemini?

The India Continuous Assimilation Program (I-CAP) provides valuable support to all new employees joining Capgemini in India, and thanks to that my integration into Capgemini was exceptionally smooth. From the very beginning, the structured onboarding process, complemented by the warmth and support of my colleagues and managers, made me feel at home. The personalized attention and clear communication regarding my role and responsibilities set the tone for a successful start to my journey.

How was your experience working at Capgemini so far?

Working at Capgemini has been a truly enriching experience. The opportunity to collaborate with a Pan-India team has broadened my perspectives and enhanced my professional skills. I-CAP has been a cornerstone of my Capgemini experience, offering invaluable networking opportunities and a deeper understanding of the company’s culture and processes. Additionally, the sense of community fostered by initiatives like Fun Fridays and active engagement activities has been instrumental in creating a fulfilling work environment.

What is the one thing you like most at Capgemini and why?

The aspect I cherish the most about Capgemini is the empowerment to innovate and the faith in us to lead projects. This culture of empowerment, coupled with the supportive community and the company’s commitment to continuous learning and development, has been the most impactful on my growth and satisfaction here.

What message would you give to individuals who want to work at Capgemini?

To those considering joining Capgemini, I would say this is a place where you can truly thrive. Capgemini offers a unique blend of professional challenges and opportunities for growth, all within a supportive and inclusive community. Whether it’s through the I-CAP program, collaborative projects, or engagement initiatives, you’ll find endless possibilities to develop your career and make meaningful contributions.

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