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Senior Director, Cloud Infrastructure Services



I am Major Upwan Saini, Senior Director in the Cloud Infrastructure Services (CIS) Business Unit at Capgemini. I joined Capgemini in 2021 and currently serving as the Country Head for APAC CIS India.

Tell us about yourself and how you joined Capgemini?

With an 11-year tenure as a Technical Officer in the Army’s Corps of Signals, I later led the Network & Security Tower in a French Captive, overseeing successful programs like Global MPLS migration and Global VOIP implementation. Prior to joining Capgemini, I ventured into startups in the IoT and Cyber Security domains. At Capgemini, I initially led CIS Delivery for the Nordics region and now hold the role of Country Head for CIS India in the APAC region. I am continuously learning under the guidance of great leaders at Capgemini.

What challenges have you faced while transitioning from a military to a civilian career, and how has Capgemini supported you?

One of the key challenges I faced during the transition was adapting to a different culture of comradery. While the Army fosters deep-rooted relationships and consistent behavioral expectations, the corporate world is more dynamic, with evolving teams driven by business objectives. Capgemini has provided support by encouraging flexibility and helping me navigate the wider spectrum of people, from Gen Zs to middle management and dynamic senior leadership.

What excites you about your job and how is your experience working at Capgemini?

I find great excitement in the growth of Capgemini and CIS. With growth comes new business opportunities, transformations, and continuous learning. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations in this dynamic environment, and preparing our teams to deliver exceptional results, is what excites me the most. Capgemini’s leadership style allows for innovation and provides the freedom to deliver client expectations, preventing monotony.

How has your military experience helped you in your current role?

My military experience has shaped my leadership style and approach to teamwork. Being a hard taskmaster while standing by my team in tough times has proven valuable, fostering a learning environment. Consistent discipline, mentoring from a distance, and promoting innovation have also played significant roles. I have successfully applied these principles to resolve complex challenges, such as orchestrating collaboration between technical and service towers to improve client satisfaction and renew long-term contracts.

What advice would you give to someone joining Capgemini?

Remain flexible, observe, and absorb people’s relationships while prioritizing business objectives. Combining discipline, comradery & empathy will pave the way for success in the corporate world. Capgemini will support your growth journey, providing ample opportunities to excel.

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