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Manager, Americas SBU India


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Business analysis

During my 11 years at Capgemini, I have seen a great change in myself which makes me believe anyone can carve the future they want at Capgemini!

Tell us about your role. What does a day in your life at Capgemini look like?

As a business analyst, each day at Capgemini brings a range of opportunities and challenges. In my role, it is crucial to have the zeal to learn and research new technologies. Having a passion for problem-solving and bringing a fresh perspective to things in every way possible helps me craft innovative solutions to challenges.

Since I believe in planning, typically, I start my day by checking emails and organizing my tasks for the day. I have found it easy to work with the guiding principle of learning at least one new thing at work every day, and Capgemini offers me ample opportunities to fulfill this. What’s more? We also have great fun activities every Friday with team members.

What’s the best thing about working at Capgemini?

The best thing about Capgemini for me is the work-life balance. Capgemini’s Flexi work-hour policy is great as it helps me achieve that desired work-life balance. There were days when I spent over four hours commuting to and from the office due to traffic. However, the Flexi working hours policy has proved to help me give adequate attention and quality time to all four quadrants of my life:  work, family, friends, and myself.

What makes you proud to work at Capgemini?

Our leaders are a source of inspiration to me. I have been fortunate to work with great managers and mentors within the account and the Group. Another thing that makes Capgemini stand out is that you always receive guidance – when you ask for a technology or a tool, you will get access to resources, expert advice, which enables every employee to dream big and become successful.

How are you working towards the future you want?

Anything is possible in this world if you put your mind to it. To get the future we want, I believe in being more agile in our work style. Agility has encouraged me to reach great heights and build trust with my team and clients while helping us write many success stories for numerous client projects.

Another way to get the future we want is to equip ourselves with the right skills. The Capgemini Next platform helps everyone learn new skills and stay abreast of the latest technology. Additionally, the organization has partnered with learning partners Coursera and Pluralsight to offer an array of courses for its employees. I can also proudly say I completed the ‘Connected Manager Program’ at Capgemini University in partnership with Harvard University.  It was one of the finest programs, and it helped me grow in the Engagement Manager Track.

Also, with the help of one of the Capgemini-linked programs with Xebia Institute, I achieved my professional Scrum Master Level I certification.

What advice would you give to someone joining Capgemini?

Capgemini offers you diverse career opportunities that make you enthusiastic about your job and role. Across my roles at Capgemini, I have realized that guidance/ mentoring is key to shaping my career. It also enabled me to contribute successfully to the company’s growth. During my 11 years at Capgemini, I have seen a great change in myself which makes me believe anyone can carve the future they want at Capgemini!

How do you think Capgemini’s support has been since the pandemic began?

Capgemini truly cares about its employees and their well-being. Throughout the pandemic, the project managers have been in constant touch with their team members and provided all necessary assistance. Our ICRES team also did a wonderful job in seamlessly enabling the delivery of work devices to everyone. The 24/7 COVID hotline support helped many team members and their families with emergency care facilities. Additionally, there were various new policies launched to support team members such as COVID-19 leaves, advance salary, COVID-19 Educational Support – Children’s Assistance Program, virtual clinic (Teleconsultation), COVID Homecare Support, supply of oxygen concentrators and medicines, and more. The vaccination campaign for employees and their family members is another great support initiative launched by Capgemini. Capgemini has, without a doubt, put its best foot forward during this pandemic.

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