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Hello, I am Sheetal Khandkar. I have been with Capgemini for over 18 years now. I currently serve as Senior Director & Chief Architect in the Automotive business unit at Capgemini Engineering.

How does a usual day working at Capgemini look like?

A typical workday at a leading global organization like Capgemini is very exciting. In my current role as a Senior Director and Chief Architect in Automotive, along with the usual customer meetings, project discussions and team meetings, the part that I most look forward to is innovating and creating solutions that can generate additional value for our customers. This, coupled with learning about the latest technology and leading my amazing team of colleagues makes every workday interesting and rewarding.

What excites you about your job and what makes it special working at Capgemini?

At Capgemini, we work on various complex global development programs for our customers, so there are new challenges and new learnings every day. We are encouraged to fuel our entrepreneurial spirit and pursue projects that match our interests and skills. I have worked on niche engagements in Automotive  and consumer electronics like development of Automotive Cockpit systems, Connected Cars, Digital TV/Set top boxes, Beverage Dispensers and other interesting projects for our customers. With technology advancements such as 5G, there is much more to In-car cockpit systems. We are working with our customers to create their new age hypervisor based intelligent cockpit systems, well equipped with edge computing, AI and in-car networks. We get to create a difference with our work with features like Heads Up Displays or speech engine integrations. The field is very demanding, and I get to work with the finest talent and latest technology in the engineering space!

How does Capgemini enable you to upskill and reskill?

Capgemini has a wonderful learning ecosystem in place, and we are provided with many opportunities to upskill and reskill. Capgemini has one of the best digital learning platforms which helps us learn every day and build our skills. In my own journey of 18 years with the organization, I have transitioned from various domains and technologies in the engineering space. I have also had the chance to gain expertise about various tech-specific fields such as embedded computing, cloud, security, product safety, and more.

How does Capgemini help create work-life balance for you?

Over the course of my career, especially after my family expanded, I have learnt to balance work and home pressures to cater to different responsibilities that came my way.  Capgemini is a great place to work because they offer flexibility and allow us to work our way! Flexible timings are one of the most helpful benefits of working here for me. I have all the required digital tools and the freedom to work in conditions that best suit me, and that has helped me create a healthy work-life balance.

How is Capgemini empowering and encouraging you to create your own career path and achieve your goals?

As part of one of the initiatives for encouraging women leadership at Capgemini, I am getting personal coaching to grow my career and meet my goals. This includes getting guidance and mentorship from Capgemini India’s leadership team. The culture at Capgemini truly celebrates equality and diversity, and these types of initiatives exist across all levels in the organization.

Tell us about the most memorable moment in your Capgemini journey?

At Capgemini, I have had several occasions of triumph and achievement when our developed products got launched in different regions of the world. Nothing beats that sense of satisfaction in one’s personal career!

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