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Senior Manager, FS SBU


Experienced professionals

Software engineering

My usual workday

A typical workday starts at 9:00 am with a quick check on the mailbox, the meetings scheduled and the targets for the day. I then set up a base plan and start working accordingly, while updating it over the course of the day with every change in priority and shift in deadline. Usually, a considerable time is spent on tasks which demand pure individual effort, but I always ensure that I find time for brief catch-up sessions with colleagues and mentors. I usually leave office by 6 in the evening post wrapping up the plans for the day.

My hobbies

I am a passionate traveller and a novice but ardent biker. I have been on 3 major road trips and the next on my list is Le-Ladakh, the biker’s paradise in India. I also enjoy exploring various craft techniques. My interest in craft began with knitting during my school days, later moved to origami and currently, I am into Macramé, a technique based on knots.

My personal life

I hail from the beautiful state of Kerala and I have lived there till 2014 when I graduated from NIT Calicut as an electrical engineer. I then worked at Deloitte USI Consulting as a Business Technology Analyst in SAP for 2 years. My desire to explore business beyond the technical aspect then took me to IIM Bangalore. My family has always been my best support system and consists of my parents, husband and 2 younger brothers.

Expectations from E.L.I.T.E.

I expect E.L.I.T.E to help me gain relevant exposure to diverse roles and functions within the organization and thereby be an enabler in expanding my boundaries.

Career paths

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