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<strong>R. Ezhirpavai</strong>

R. Ezhirpavai

5G Solutions Global Chief Architect – Communications (5G and Edge)


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My name is R. Ezhirpavai and I have been with the organization for over 23 years.  I work at Capgemini Engineering as Vice-President – Technology, Communications handling 5G solutions. I have grown in my role from a Senior Software Engineer to Vice President.  

How does a usual day working at Capgemini look like?

Every day at Capgemini is dynamic and diverse! From helping teams technically in customer projects and building frameworks, to pre-sales calls with customers and setting up 5G labs, my role allows me to experience and navigate interesting challenges and make a tangible impact in the communications field every day. As we are about to introduce 5G, there have been a plethora of new learning and collaboration opportunities. We always have the freedom to explore and innovate, so I also have the chance to work with marketing teams, client teams and account leaders to generate new go-to-market options and help publicize our 5G solutions to customers.

What excites you about your job and what makes it special working at Capgemini?

Capgemini offers a stimulating work environment and exciting opportunities to thrive. We are always working on a multitude of impactful projects- from development of 5G solutions for customers to creating complex use cases. I love that I can collaborate with cross-functional teams and be a part of complex processes like defining innovative use cases from start to finish. I enjoy seeing the solutions I have worked on in the lab being deployed and making a difference in the world.  Since we are working on state-of-the-art technology, I am motivated to go through latest specifications and stay updated so that I can effectively use the different features for various advanced deployments which may help customers with their 5G deployments.   

How does Capgemini enable you to upskill and reskill?

I am a life-long learner, and am thrilled that my company shares the same passion for learning and development. Working on 5G technology requires constant learning and upskilling. Through our collaborative processes, I am able to uncover new ideas and new deployment options for our technology. We are provided with relevant reading material periodically that help us upskill. Constant collaboration with industry experts and helping teams work on customer projects also helps me reskill.

How does Capgemini help create work-life balance for you?

Our teams are very agile, communicative and accommodating, and we are given the digital tools and flexibility to work our way. Additionally, the frequent onsite events help us interact with others across the organization and rejuvenate ourselves.

How is Capgemini empowering and encouraging you to create your own career path and achieve your goals?

With new challenges to address every day, Capgemini empowers me to improve my skills and grow as a professional. Our agile and rapid processes help me stay updated on technology, and I am even given opportunities to share my thoughts in front of an international community using the learnings and knowledge gained from use cases seen in the market.

Tell us about the most memorable moment in your Capgemini journey?

I have had many, many memorable moments in my 23 year long journey at Capgemini. Some of the happiest moments have been receiving recognition and awards for my work and in front of peers and my family. Sometimes even small opportunities which get converted are motivating and memorable for me, when that deal becomes a seed for bigger opportunities and Capgemini’s capabilities shine in front of our customers!

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