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VP & Head of Global Insurance Strategy & Portfolio


Experienced professionals

1. What are some of your greatest accomplishments at Capgemini?

From my first day at Capgemini, my assignments can be characterized as trendsetting or flagship. During these 19 years, I led the first major FS managed services engagement to astounding client success, thereby inspiring even more clients to partner with us. I learned moderate French to establish a scaled offshore team in India for a large French insurer. I pioneered automation at scale in IT services and created a structured campaign for all engagements to embrace automation-led innovation. This eventually turned into an SBU-level initiative. Later, I led the repositioning of the Capgemini Insurance business to be recognized as a leader in the Insurance Digital Transformation with a CXO-targeted portfolio. This was the first fully India-based GTM strategy and execution function in the Capgemini Group. Since we elevated to a Group level function two years ago, I enjoy the privileged vantage point of forecasting global industry dynamics, shaping our market strategy, and executing the immense growth potential in our Global Insurance business. Promoting sustainability education and driving resilience in our client’s businesses are my passionate topics that are aligned with the company’s championing role in ESG.

2. How did Capgemini help you excel in your personal development journey?

Continuous learning has been a key pillar for my growth. I went through structured learning programs on technical, domain, and leadership skills through the years with fantastic market-leading facilities from the company. Additionally, unstructured daily learning has been a major contributor as well. I learn from my team members based on their assigned projects, and from my peers on their client contexts and opportunities, as well as from industry experts, blogs, and news about the dynamics of the insurance business. This paved the way for me to identify gaps and get ready to take up bigger challenging roles with an international scope, the experience of which helped me gain a new perspective on life and my personal value system. I am honored to be part of an organization that continues to invest in learning through challenging times and focuses on developing talent at all levels.

3. Which Capgemini core values do you best embody in your day-to-day workflow?

It is quite rare to come across an organization that imbibes the value system so much so that the values have not been altered for 50+ years, the likes of which are evident in day-to-day interactions with my colleagues, team members, leaders, and clients. However, Freedom is what I owe most of my journey to. The leaders that I worked with allowed me to explore new approaches, experiment, and innovate, all the while guiding me through challenges and learning moments. I replicated the same approach with my teams through democratic leadership, giving them space to bring their own ideas, contribute to and challenge decisions, and encourage them to offer the same freedom to their teams. I strongly believe Freedom as a value at work allows for the best growth journey for everyone. Being one of the most ethical organizations comes with a responsibility to ensure this Freedom is exercised correctly; not by control, but by being a role model and inspiring the right behaviors.

4. What message do you have for future employees who want to pursue their career journeys at Capgemini?

Building a competitive, and more importantly, a fulfilling career, is not easy. There is so much to learn and navigate with agility in the VUCA world. Considering this backdrop, one should aim for being part of an organization that invests in developing its people, imbibes Freedom in its culture, and allows for charting your own course. There is a tremendous opportunity to shine with continuous learning, innovating with new technology, experiencing cultural diversity, contributing to social causes, and embracing planet-friendly solutions. Last but definitely not least, you can enjoy the ever-evolving people-friendly policies and practices, and experience FUN as the second nature of the organization.