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Arjun Vijay

Arjun Vijay

Portfolio Manager, FS SBU


Experienced professionals

Portfolio and product management

Strategy and transformation

At Capgemini, I have seen people living by all the seven core values at work and in their personal life.

My usual work day

Every day as an E.L.I.T.E. trainee is very exciting. I continuously interact with senior leaders and participate in co-creation and branding of the E.L.I.T.E. program for the upcoming batches. I also concentrate on my project of supporting the internal audit for Continental Europe to ensure timely and quality deliverables. But above all, I engage with the community inside and outside of Capgemini through various in-campus committees like Sports and CSR.

 My Hobbies

Not only do I watch and play football, I also read about it a lot, as and when time permits. From the time I started following the sport, I have been a huge fan of Manchester United and Lionel Messi. If you find me doing non-football related things, I would be either reading a book or watching a movie. Right from my school days, I have enjoyed the works of Jeffrey Archer, J.K.Rowling, Wes Anderson and the Coen Brothers.


My personal life

If not at work, you can see me spending my time mostly with my friends at the cinema or a Kerala-style restaurant. When at home, I like spending most of my time with my parents and sister, all of who bring a lot of joy and serenity into my life. Capgemini gives you enough time to balance work and life, which helps me in a lot of fronts – especially in not losing sight of myself and leading a happy life.

Expectation from E.L.I.T.E. General Management Program

E.L.I.T.E. for me is a platform that will provide cross-vertical, cross-regional and cross-Business Unit experiences, which will help me refine my strengths and clear out my deficiencies. I expect the program’s structure to also help me understand where I can best fit in and thereby follow that function in my career. Also, I envision developing a lot of long-standing relationships with individuals at different levels of management inside and outside of Capgemini, helping me to scale heights fast and strong.

Career paths

Take the first steps in a bold new direction. A career at Capgemini offers you the opportunity to follow an existing passion or cultivate new ones. Develop your career in the direction you want to take it.

Bring your mastery and experience to a global business that values and celebrates its experts, and we will provide you with the opportunity to take the next meaningful step in your career journey.

Developing our leaders is one of Capgemini’s key priorities. We have designed leading-edge learning initiatives specifically for helping you as an executive to enhance your people and business skills.