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Vice President, Automotive Industry Platform, Capgemini



1. How did your story with Capgemini begin?

I joined Capgemini in October 2022. I was motivated to take up this role because of the engineering capabilities within the organization. Since I come from a consulting background of working with customers on cutting-edge solutions like connected cars and implementing Industry 4.0 solutions, I always felt like we needed someone else to bring us machine data to work with and then feed that output back to the machines. However, in Capgemini, I work on infotainment units, smart cockpits, ADAS, and autonomous capabilities, bringing end-to-end solutions to my customers as the engineering team is with us.

2. What are some of your greatest accomplishments at Capgemini?

I helped build a Metaverse solution that has a built-in digital twin and integrates Virtual Reality (VR) and physical reality. Any action executed in the Metaverse seamlessly translates into the physical world. This opens windows of opportunities for us to work in R&D, test vehicles during the development phase, and conduct product simulations that replicate various physical circumstances.

I made my team focus on delivering maximum impacts for our clients through ‘best-of-breed’ solutions. Enabled by their industry expertise, we looked at the business processes of our clients and then tailored solutions as per their requirements. Wherever the need arose, we made improvements that were well-received by their customers.

I also brought various Capgemini Group capabilities together, including Engineering, Invent, DCX, Innovation, ABLs, and Custom & Cloud development to provide comprehensive E2E solutions. I am currently working on changing the outlook from tech-driven solutions to business-driven solutions.

3. How did Capgemini help you excel in your personal development journey?

The company took a great approach to nurture my talent in the last 8 months since I have been here. I have attended formal learning sessions in classrooms and virtually, as well as conducted a few programs for my peers. I have also had the privilege of facilitating interactions with people during events like the VP Kick-off, Automotive Summit, ANE Congress, and more. In this instance, knowledge acquisition has been facilitated both organically and inorganically.

  • Anuraag Bharadwaj

4. How do you encourage your team to get the future they want at Capgemini?

From what I have experienced, Capgemini is a people-driven organization with an open-door policy that goes from the top to the bottom. You can knock on any door and ask for help, support, or clarity, and you will always find your questions answered, help rendered, and support offered.

There are structured programs based on the roles that an individual performs that help them acquire specific skills. There is a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that is appreciated and facilitated here. My recommendation is to be outgoing, keep exploring, and create opportunities for yourself; the ecosystem is here to support you.

5. Which Capgemini core values do you best embody in your day-to-day workflow?

I have seen the core values of Freedom and Modesty personified across every level of the organization, be it from Aiman Ezzat our Group CEO, Ashwin Yardi, our India CEO, and other leaders. They are human too, that is what you experience and based on your interactions with them, you won’t be able to figure out their level of seniority unless you already know them or you have been introduced to them. This organization is all about its people, and that’s all that counts to them. 

6. What message do you have for future employees who want to pursue their career journeys at Capgemini?

If you are young at heart, passionate, innovator, or entrepreneurial streak courses through your veins, and you truly want to make an impact with global clients, Capgemini is the place to be.

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