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Manager, Europe CSD – AD, Capgemini India


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Rising Above Challenges: Amit Bariar’s Empowering Story

Tell us more about yourself and how you joined Capgemini?

My name is Amit Bariar. I am currently working as a Manager at Europe CSD-AD at Capgemini. I embarked on my Capgemini journey in 2016, initially joining as a Senior Java Developer and Team Leader. Over the years, my professional endeavours have spanned diverse domains including Automobile, Supply Chain Management, Chemicals, and more.

Can you tell us about the challenges and obstacles you’ve surmounted?

Following my school years, a severe road accident altered the trajectory of my life. This adversity left me with a paralyzed upper limb and without sensation in my left hand. Undeterred, I pursued my academic aspirations with zeal, achieving outstanding grades in both my graduation and Master’s degree in computer application. For the past 17 years, my unwavering dedication has fuelled my professional journey, marked by noteworthy achievements.

How does Capgemini support you and embrace your abilities?

Upon my arrival at Capgemini, I was greeted with inclusivity and tailored opportunities. The company extended roles in two distinct projects that harmonized with my skills and preferences. I commenced my Capgemini tenure with a role in an automobile project transition, swiftly progressing to lead two projects from conception to triumphant delivery. My contributions were acknowledged not only by clients but also Capgemini leadership, culminating in promotions to the roles of Java and Cloud Architect, complemented by the attainment of two AWS certificates.

In your perspective, what makes Capgemini an ideal workplace?

The essence of Capgemini lies in its unwavering commitment to equal treatment of every employee, irrespective of their background or abilities. Within the Capgemini ecosystem, I have encountered an environment free from any form of inequality stemming from my disability. The company is resolute in providing equitable opportunities, and I’ve been fortunate to receive unwavering support from both my manager and architects throughout my professional journey.

What future do you envision for yourself?

My focus revolves around the constant acquisition of new technological insights, which seamlessly intertwine with my ongoing responsibilities. My vision for the future encompasses shaping my career in alignment with my aspirations.

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