The First one!

First is very important! It serves as the foundation for whatever lies ahead. This is true for the first job. It your entry door into a new and exciting world. World which is unknown but full of opportunities and avenues to go and capture. And to unlock ones complete potential and start dreaming big, it is very important the individual and the company share the same core values.

Capgemini! I am glad to have started my journey to success with such a dynamic company. I work as a Business Analyst in the HiTech solutions team for the P&ES Business Unit. “People Matter, Results Count”; my team in its core always tries to translate this into reality. Be it my peer, Kriti Aich, my manager Astha Kaura, or Suresh Rane (VP – P&ES) none of them make me feel out of place. They take special efforts to incorporate me and my skills into the projects that we are working on. I have hit the ground running from day one, but I truly believe that it’s the trust that my team showcases in me that keeps me running. I may be new, but I have the freedom to express my ideas and thoughts. This imbibes a sense of responsibility and accountability in me. Constructive feedback has always been something that I receive from my VP. His bold ideas and constructive approach to any problem is something that I wish to incorporate as I move ahead in my journey. And obviously Fun is something we are never short of. From sharing a random joke or impromptu movies and dinner plans, we have got it all covered.

Every new day at work bring along with it a new learning experience and with every passing day I can see the core values of Capgemini materializing in front of me.

I don’t think I would have got a better foundation for my career.



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