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Customer ExperiencefintechOpen Banking

Ready or not, the bank of the future is taking shape

Cliff Evans
The traditional banking model is undergoing a rapid and significant transformation, fueled by changing customer expectations, regulatory mandates, and technology disruption.
Customer Experience Financial Services

FinTechs excel at customer experience

For financial services transactions, customers have higher expectations and want services that are fast, seamless, intuitive, and easy. FinTechs have made incremental gains within these areas and are reaching a critical mass of bank customers by setting new standards for innovation and customer experience.

Customer Experience Financial Services

Rethinking how to reach people effectively—one step at a time

Success in financial services is based on strong and authentic connections with customers—now more than ever.

CES 2018 Innovation

CES 2018: Key takeaways from my interview with IDEAN

At the recently concluded CES2018 held in Las Vegas, I sat down for a discussion with some folks from Idean to talk about the trends emerging this year.

Control and Secure Your Assets

CybersecurityCybersecurity Talent GapDigital Talent

Advice from a CISO: Think outside the box to tackle cybersecurity skills crisis

Mike Turner
Organizations that can successfully attract and retain the best Cybersecurity talent will be more effective in managing digital risk and profiting from the digital opportunity.
Artificial Intelligence Life Insurance

The future is now for life insurers who leverage advanced analytics to mitigate fraud loss

Advanced analytics tools supported by artificial intelligence (AI) systems appear destined to play a greater role in life insurance fraud detection and prevention.

Cybersecurity Digital Transformation Institute

Cybersecurity talent—the big gap in cyber protection

Eight recommendations for how organizations can bridge the cybersecurity talent gap.

Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Fraud Detection

Advice from a CISO : How to beat the fraudsters

Detecting fraud has traditionally been a matter of identity validation and risk assessment. This takes time and adds steps to the transaction process.

Disrupt with Digital

Applied Innovation ExchangeDigital Transformation

The secret ingredients of Stockholm’s start-up success

Frank Wammes
Stockholm has many factors that really make a difference. But for me it is mostly about sharing the “Too Young to Retire” factor. This is in the DNA of the Swedes
Digital operations Optimize your business

Digital Learning Operations

Many businesses face seemingly unresolvable skills shortages. Deepening misalignment between the labour market and skills’ requirements, combined with a prolonged amount of time to train employees to a satisfactory level of proficiency, means that many businesses are constantly struggling to maintain a baseline level of skills competency.

digital customer experience Digital Transformation Institute DTI

Conversational Commerce: Why consumers are embracing voice assistants in their lives

Conversational commerce is an unparalleled opportunity for brands to build highly valuable and valued personal relationships with consumers and use this new-found intimacy to drive brand preference and affiliation.

AlphaGo Artificial Intelligence Deep Mind

AlphaGo documentary on Google’s Deep Mind Artificial Intelligence

The maturation of deep learning and neural networks are a couple of the more important breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence.

Gain Advantage with IT Applications

Using Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries to Accelerate Digital Transformation and Outpace the Competition

Peters, Ruth-Anne
How does a company in the discrete manufacturing industry, producing highly specified products with a quick turnaround protect itself from new entrants to the market, or indeed from newly-transformed larger rivals?
digital customer experience insurance sharing economy

How the sharing economy is changing the insurance industry

Insurance products for the sharing economy will require insurers to transform their business processes, operations and communication across the policy value chain.

Application Services cloud Innovation

The constrained CIO—case study 2—building the shiny town in the shadow of the old

There are many companies with mature, large ERP systems, where CIOs still needs to up their game and win in the marketplace. The challenge: how to build a new application landscape in a digital environment.

energy renewables Wemo

A promising outlook for renewable energy

There is a tremendous potential of leveraging digital transformation for renewables—WEMO, 2017.

Manage Your Journey to the Cloud

Cloud NativedevopsDigital

Top five reasons your business needs a cloud-native strategy

Srikanth Thirumurthy
The proportion of new business applications that are cloud native will more than double by 2020. Are you a leader—or a laggard?
cloud choice Cloud Native insurance

Cloud Native Comes of Age in Insurance

Insurers are increasing business velocity and meeting new customer expectations with their move to cloud native.

cloud choice

Three steps to unlock the full ROI from a cloud migration

The cloud is no longer an emerging technology, and the business case is increasingly clear. What’s less clear to leaders of large companies is the technological and change management roadmap.

Internet of Things retail

IoT could transform retail, but how? Part 2

In this segment, lets look at some of the implementation lookouts so retailers can maximize the adoption and benefits of bringing IoT into their operations.

Optimize Your Operations

fintechOpen BankingWRBR18

The bank of the future: an ecosystem of services

Wichers Hoeth - van den Brink, Nienke
FinTech and BigTech disruptions, combined with developments such as open banking are creating exciting opportunities as well as daunting threats.
#FD4DI Innovation iot SAP Leonardo

Simplify your business complexities with FD4DI

Take a look at how Capgemini simplifies business complexities while continuously innovating new products and processes.

sap Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 provides the key for Esaote’s transformation

With its Industry 4.0 solution, Capgemini in Italy enabled Esaote to achieve improved efficiency as well as reduced time-to-market and costs.

Battery Storage renewables Utilities Utilities Transformation Programs

Top five energy and utilities trends for 2018—predictions 4 and 5

The world of Energy & Utilities is rife with change—battery storage and utilities transformation programs will be among the trends that play a significant role in defining the future.


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