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Artificial Intelligence: Google’s DeepMind learned without human input

Robert Eubanks
Over the past several years, AI has made significant progress in a wide variety of areas such as image and speech recognition, drug discovery, and algorithmic trading. How are the improvements in AI making this happen?
AIE Applied Innovation Exchange Innovation

Discover TechnoVision 2017 to Boost Innovation

Ron Tolido, Capgemini’s CTO of Insights & Data and lead author of TechnoVision 2017 explains how technology is fundamentally changing the business landscape in many different ways.

AIE Applied Innovation Exchange

What’s Now: New York

What’s Now: New York is an event series at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange that each month features a remarkable person helping reinvent an important field that’s exploding in innovation in the New York area right now.

Control and Secure Your Assets


Is Cybersecurity the sixth sense of AI?

Christopher Stancombe
As humans, we tend to “feel” when something is not quite right. This is our instinct, or sixth sense.

Capgemini positioned as a “Leader” in NelsonHall Managed Security Services NEAT

The NEAT tool sits at the front-end of the vendor screening process and consists of a two-axis model.

Security Operations Centers

Automotive Cybersecurity Driving Digital, Securely

The Connected Vehicle Security Operations Center.

Disrupt with Digital

Artificial IntelligenceContract management

Natural Language Processing—also known as “Reading”

Craig Conte
While NLP will enable us to switch to machine effort for high-value, low-risk items, we will still need people to process the high-risk items.
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Does your DCX strategy have emotion?

Consumers live in a 24/7 globally connected digital world, and because of it, companies that were quick to embrace digital disruption are the ones that now are building more meaningful brand-based relationships with their customers.

Consulting Services Consumer Products & Retail digital customer experience Strategy and Transformation

Four Signs Your Loyalty Program Needs an Overhaul, Part 2

Social media is a two-edged sword. It helps brands reach their targets in a more organic way, and it helps customers wield wider influence.

Artificial Intelligence Digital health Healthcare Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and the Healthcare Ecosystem – Part One

We are on the cusp of truly remarkable changes in the way we think of healthcare and how we deliver healthcare. Artificial Intelligence will be a key enabler for both the transformation and the disruption of the healthcare ecosystem.

Gain Advantage with IT Applications

digital customer experienceodigo

Interconnectedness – the Solution to its Own Problem

Erwan Le Duff
Joined-up thinking in an increasingly joined-up world.
Artificial Intelligence Digital health Healthcare Machine Learning

AI and the Healthcare Ecosystem—Why use Artificial Intelligence

AI is increasingly being used to augment human capabilities and automate repeatable processes. The technology has the potential to do many tasks that humans do and, potentially, do them just as well (or better), faster, and cheaper.

Customer Experience DCX Hybris sap

Customer centricity: five rules for success

Customer-centricity is about focusing on the customer; designing a compelling and engaging omni-channel experience by designing connected customer journeys as well as an extraordinary user experience across channels and touchpoints.

European Utility Week Smart Meter Management

Smart Meter Management: the challenge and the opportunity

Millions of meters mean masses of data. It’s a mountain to climb but the view from the top makes it all worthwhile.

Manage Your Journey to the Cloud

cloud choice

Three Steps to Unlock the Full ROI from a Cloud Migration

Charlie Li
The cloud is no longer an emerging technology, and the business case is increasingly clear. What’s less clear to leaders of large companies is the technological and change management roadmap.
Internet of Things retail

IoT could transform retail, but how? Part 2

In this segment, lets look at some of the implementation lookouts so retailers can maximize the adoption and benefits of bringing IoT into their operations.

cloud Consumer Products & Retail

Four ways to build a “Cloud Bridge” to the retail store of the future

What does the future of retail look like in this age of digital disruption? As online sales soar at a double-digit pace at the expense of traditional stores, how can retailers compete?

Minimizing cloud vendor lock-in

Manage and mitigate the risks of being locked in to one cloud vendor.

Optimize Your Operations

big datamanufacturingStrategy and TransformationUtilities

IoT next generation utility services optimize energy consumption for industrial and commercial customers

Watson, William
Utilities are adding the Internet of Things (IoT) to leverage new digital technologies to disrupt and transform large scale energy management and related services
Testing Services

Syngenta’s Continuous Assurance Program for compliance

Capgemini supports the world’s leading agribusiness to deliver continuous control monitoring via its Continuous Assurance Program (CAP).

HRIS Talent Management

OceanaGold puts employees at the center of its business with SAP SuccessFactors

To meet the growing needs for specialized skills in the mining industry, OceanaGold partnered with Capgemini to implement SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management Solution across their enterprise.

Finance Transformation

Cathay Pacific moves to SAP S/4HANA to streamline its Finance and Procurement functions

Capgemini helps Cathay Pacific to modernize its processes with customized solutions for the aviation industry.


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