SAP Leonardo Live – Chicago

Capgemini is proud to sponsor the 2017 SAP Leonardo Live Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Capgemini works with SAP® to address client’s challenges, combining expertise in latest SAP’s digital platform with Capgemini’s unmatched depth of digital transformation and industry knowledge.

Join us at SAP’s first 2-day global business conference on SAP Leonardo and the vision to integrate today’s transformational technologies, including Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Big Data, Analytics, and Blockchain with SAP experience, deep process and industry knowledge and advanced design thinking methodology.

Connect with our business leaders and experts on Digital Supply Chain and IoT and machine learning who are ready to help you rapidly innovate, scale new business models, and redefine your business.

Attend our session on the main stage
SAP Leonardo Internet of Things

Friday, November 3rd @ 9:45 am
Fernando Alvarez, Capgemini, SVP, Global Head of Group Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships; and Tanja Rueckert, SAP, President, Internet of Things and Digital Supply Chain

Learn About Our Partnership and Solutions

The Fast Digital initiative by SAP and Capgemini helps manufacturers create smart, connected products, assets, and operations that offer the potential for time-to-market reduction, productivity gains, cost savings, and new revenue streams. Additionally, Capgemini and SAP are jointly co-innovating on the Leonardo platform and creating solutions such as Digital Control Room, Data Driven Responsive Supply Chain, and Employee Health & Safety.

Stop by our booth, meet our experts, experience our solutions. To request a meeting or demo with one of our onsite experts email Carol McTamney.

Meet our team of experts attending the SAP Leonardo Live event:

Explore our demos at the Capgemini booth and find new ways to succeed in the digital world

Factory 4.0 by Capgemini – how to anticipate and manage operational disruptions
With fully interactive access to shop floor happenings, supervisors can monitor shop activities and make better decisions on the spot using real-time data and analytics from Capgemini’s Digital Control Room leveraging SAP Leonardo. Step into our factory shop floor and experience how Capgemini is improving worker safety to reduce workplace incidents, monitoring machine health to improve operations, and utilizing voice activation to enhance user experience. Learn how your company can gain better visibility into business operations.

Digitize and Transform with a Data-Driven Responsive Supply Chain
See how digitization of your supply chain enables you to track real world events, anticipate challenges and protect profit by avoiding unplanned supply chain disruptions. Data Driven Responsive Supply Chain is a joint use-case leveraging Capgemini’s IoT, SAP S/4HANA® and IBP expertise and SAP’s guidance on key technology. It embraces SAP’s Leonardo toolbox for digital manufacturing and connected assets and includes, Capgemini’s “SAP IoT in a box” and the “IoT Demo kit”. This use-case represents a manifestation of a “Digitized Supply Chain”, showing how integration of physical world data and its transformation and subsequent interpretation by decision support tools allows manufacturing companies to reinvent the way they are running their shop floor and planning operations—from reactive firefighting towards proactive and profitable business orchestration.

Real-time analytics for better visibility into business operations with Capgemini Digital Control Room Dashboard
The Capgemini Digital Control Room Dashboard is a solution framework combining multiple Leonardo applications including IoT integration capabilities from sensors on Smart Devices and Smart Machines with Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning. This comprehensive solution is driven by cross-ERP Financial, Plant, Asset, Equipment, Quality, Supply Chain & Human Resource data. The Capgemini Digital Control Room Dashboard leverages Capgemini’s global expertise in consulting, ERP implementation, Leonardo, digital analytics, insights and data, cloud, and digital manufacturing with SAP S/4HANA® as the digital core. It provides operations-focused real time dashboards and analytics to enable automation at a shop floor level and translates insights into actions for your business.

Capgemini Worker Safety Monitoring – Safety doesn’t happen by Accident
Leveraging Capgemini’s Digital Control Room and SAP S/4HANA® to improve worker safety, we offer safety solutions for the following scenarios: PPE (not wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment), Geo-Fencing – entering hazardous areas without taking the required precautionary measures, and Worker Health Condition Monitoring – not taking sufficient rest to compensate for fatigue or body stress due to exposure to extreme working conditions related to temperature, humidity, sunlight, etc.

Capgemini and SAP-collaborating together for you in the digital world
Capgemini is at the heart of transformation, working with customers to harness the energy of the digital age with speed and confidence. From vision to reality, we work closely together with SAP to help you put digital at the core of your business.

Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries by SAP and Capgemini—Highlights for SAP Leonardo Live

Smart Factories and the Modern Manufacturer

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SAP Radio Shows on the Future of Digital Manufacturing


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November 3, 2017