Mobile World Congress 2018

Capgemini thought leaders will be sharing their expertise, project experiences and assets around key digital themes: going Digital to increase customer satisfaction and grow revenues, monetizing the Internet of Things opportunity, transforming towards insight driven organizations, enhancing B2B competitiveness.

As a global leader in Consulting and Technology services, our ambition is to help Telecom operators and manufacturers to find new ways to create a competitive advantage in the digital era. We welcome the opportunity to showcase how we can help you achieving it!


Going Digital to increase customer satisfaction and grow revenues
Operators need to re-define strategy and target state in a number of dimensions to stay relevant in the new digital telco landscape: digital customer experience (GAFA-like), new business models and innovative cloud based digital architecture. Value propositions should be re-vamped to create right level of digital engagement and capabilities are needed to play an active role in new eco-systems and the launch of new digital services. Capgemini will present its Digital Hub concept, as well as concrete references.

How to monetize the Internet of Things opportunity? 
The IoT market revolution is transformative across industries and a variety of players are positioning themselves aggressively. While Telco’s have their own critical parts of the infrastructure in place to enable innovative services, competition is fierce across the most profitable application and platform layers. To not sell oneself short, Telcos will need to find ways to expose differentiated capabilities and leveraging the technology evolution. Telcos need to anticipate which new competitive edges will be enabled by 5G (as well as integrating other connectivity technologies like Sigfox, LoRa,…) to support both mass IoT use cases and SLA-critical IoT use cases. Capgemini experts will show key capabilities to be explored and share their vision on what roles operators could play.

Achieving growth, efficiency and trust with insight and data transformation
Insights and Data are at the heart of Digital Transformation and Telecom operators have key data assets to leverage to support growth, efficiency and trust initiatives. Achieving such objectives requires to embrace more organizational transversality, to develop new skills, technologies and agile ways of working around selected use cases pilots and in their industrialization. Our experts will showcase lessons learnt from Insights and Data strategy and operationalization projects supporting telcos in their transformation towards insight driven organizations.

Enhance competitiveness and grow revenue in B2B
The competitive landscape within B2B is changing and new players are challenging telcos core B2B revenue. Therefore telcos need to develop their strategy to operate in the converging telco and ICT market. This requires new capabilities ranging from analytics, identity management, system integration, cloud, security, ecosystem and IoT, which sets new demands on the complete value chain. Operators can drive this agenda organically, but also need an M&A agenda to secure necessary capabilities. Our experts will showcase market best practice based on concrete case on how to boost B2B competitiveness.

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Event details

February 26, 2018 9:00 am
March 1, 2018
Barcelona, Spain