A Unique Realization in Public Services at Flemish Government Contact Center

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After years of close collaboration with Capgemini, Vlaamse Infolijn has evolved into a world-class multi-channel contact center for over 5 million citizens.

“Capgemini is what I call my preferred consulting company. It listens to me, understands my needs and provides workable solutions in a flexible, fast and professional way.”
Mireille Van Pollaert, Project Leader, Vlaamse Infolijn

The Situation

In the late 90s, the Flemish Government put transparency and easy accessibility for all citizens high on its agenda. Citizens expected to learn about impact of new policies and regulations on their lives. Access to information needed to be quick and easy.  

The government set up a single point of contact for public information. The goal was to serve citizens in a professional, user friendly manner and address all questions regarding the Flemish Government. Citizens expected to be served via other communication channels besides high-quality telephone support.

The Solution

The green light for a multi-channel contact center was given in 1998. Christened Vlaamse Infolijn (ccVI), clear ambitions regarding quality, growth and innovation were clear hallmarks from the start.

Strategic decisions were made to:

  • set up the contact center as a Public-Private Partnership
  • consider knowledge management as one of the main drivers for success
  • maintain excellent relations with the different administrations of the Flemish Government
  • establish the contact center as a pioneer in the use of leading edge technologies
  • focus on delivering a high-quality public information service.

Vlaamse Infolijn went live in 1999 with 8 front-office agents and a core support team of 4 employees. In its very first year, ccVI registered 55,000 citizen contacts, handled via the (+32) 0800 30201 green number.

The Result

After almost 10 years of intensive operations and close collaboration with Capgemini, the Contact Center Vlaamse Infolijn has evolved into a world class multi-channel contact center in the public sector, managing more than a million citizen contacts a year through a diversity of channels: telephone, email, webchat, SMS and interactive digital TV.

The organization has grown to 95 call center agents and a core support team of 18 employees, and has been officially awarded for contact center excellence several times. During the last few years, a strategic shift has taken place from providing just first line information towards offering complete transactional services. The launch of a quick dial number (1700) in 2006 was a crucial breakthrough to facilitate easy access for citizens and pursue the concept of a single point of contact for all citizen interactions with the Flemish Government.