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The Challenge

GCI needed to overhaul most all of its systems when it decided to transfer its
customers from analog phone service to Digital Local Phone Service (DLPS) in order
to avoid loop rental charges, while taking control of the customer experience.Â
The Company gave itself 9 months to make a seamless transition of systems in order
to begin this process.

Capgemini Approach

GCI turned to Capgemini to help develop the plan and migrate its systems during
this tight timeframe.  In a truly collaborative spirit, the two companies worked
together from the start, first holding an ASE with a cross-section of staff from
each organization.  From that point on, both teams worked in tandem to implement
changes across almost all of GCI’s OSS and BSS systems.  In fact, 22 of GCI’s
30 business systems were impacted during this process.

Value Delivered

On time and within budget, the team was able to complete the overhauling process
which enabled GCI to move thousands of customers to the new digital service within
the first seven months of going live.


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