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The Situation

AXA wanted to build on the success of its AXA Non Life operation in Japan and establish a strong brand by leveraging the web-based distribution channel.

The Solution

Using a distributed delivery approach that required seamless collaboration among teams in France, Japan and India, AXA Non Life and Capgemini developed a single web-based program comprising discrete enhancement projects for call center interfaces, web-based interfaces and changes to back-office systems.

The Result

The benefits to AXA include improved customer acquisition via a fully enabled web-based system and extension of automobile product features delivered at a significantly reduced cost.

How AXA Non Life and Capgemini Worked Together

AXA Non Life represented a new venture in Japan for French-based AXA, one of the world’s largest insurance groups and a global leader in financial protection and wealth management. AXA Non Life had achieved considerable initial success, and the longterm vision was to build on this achievement and establish a strong brand. Leveraging the web-based distribution channel was identified as a key avenue to realize this objective.

Capgemini emerged as the best party to collaborate with AXA Non Life for several reasons: Capgemini’s skilled resources for business analysis, design and build; an understanding of AXA standards and what could be re-used; knowledge and experience of web-based claims processing solutions; and the fact that Capgemini was an established AXA partner with an understanding of its methods.

AXA Non Life and Capgemini optimized the capabilities of both companies by bringing together skills and expertise in Capgemini’s offices in France, Japan and India to collaborate with functional/system specialists from AXA Non Life in a single, cohesive team. France offered good knowledge of AXA corporate standards and processes, together with board-level access. India brought a highly skilled team, experienced in off-shore delivery from a Capgemini Accelerated Delivery Center (ADC). And Japan provided local office support.

This distributed delivery approach helped align the organizations by seamlessly generating an “in-house” feel despite multiple teams and projects working in parallel. A key challenge was that changes had to be delivered without disruption to AXA Non Life’s day-to-day business. Because AXA Non Life IT would continue to apply changes to real-time live systems during development, the confidentiality and integrity of customer data was paramount. To mitigate this risk and deliver without disruption, the team replicated, with precision, AXA Non Life’s systems in Tokyo when setting up the development environment at Capgemini’s ADC in Mumbai.

The success of the project ensures tangible benefits to AXA Non Life, including: the potential for increased revenue; improved customer acquisition via a fully enabled web-based system; and reduced operational costs.

What’s more, the distributed delivery approach successfully optimized capabilities by blending skills across disciplines and practices to reduce cost without increasing risk.

“The joint AXA Non Life-Capgemini team worked seamlessly across 3 countries to deliver the solutions that best matched AXA’s business �€”technological and financial�€”requirements. Successful delivery of the solutions on time is a tribute to Capgemini.” 

Guy Marcillat, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Non Life


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